How to Play Daily Million Plus

Daily Million Plus is an additional lottery game to the main Daily Million game. This extra game gives you the chance to win more prizes, however you can only play the Daily Million Plus if you have played the Daily Million.

This game works by giving you a second chance to win prizes every day of the week. It uses the same numbers you played the Daily Million with to give you the chance extra prizes. Daily Million Plus takes place after the main Daily Million game and has a top prize on offer to win that is a fixed €500,000.

To play the Daily Million Plus just simply click yes to play the Daily Million Plus if you are purchasing your tickets online or simply cross through play if you are buying your tickets offline. This then enters you into the Daily Million Plus game.

In total Daily Million Plus has seven prizes on offer to win in every draw which are:

Prize Band Prize Amount
Match 6 €500,000
Match 5 plus Bonus Ball €5,000
Match 5 €250
Match 4 plus Bonus Ball €50
Match 4 €15
Match 3 plus Bonus Ball €5
Match 3 €2 scratchcard

Daily Million Plus draw take place every day just after the main draw at approximately 9:59pm. The draws can be seen on TV3 however the latest Daily Million Plus results will be available to view online shortly after the draw takes place.

Advaned Play
As the Daily Million Plus is a supplementary game to Daily Million you can play up to seven draws in advanced for both lotteries using the same numbers for all draws and games.

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