How to Play Daily Million

The Daily Million is a lottery game that is guaranteed to brighten up your day every day of the week. The clue to this Irish Lottery is all in the name as it gives you the chance to win a cool €1 million every single day of the week. Therefore if you fancy the chance to become a millionaire seven days a week the Daily Million is the game for you.

To play the Daily Million is simple; just select six numbers from a choice of 1 to 39 and then an additional bonus number, but if you didn’t want to select your own numbers then you can use the Quick pick facility.

In every draw there is a guaranteed €1 million jackpot on offer to win and to become a jackpot winner in this lottery just match the six numbers drawn in the Daily Million results with the selection on your ticket to scoop the top prize. If no one wins the jackpot then it won’t rollover like other lotteries but if more than one Daily Million ticket matches the six numbers drawn then the top prize will be shared accordingly.

Along with the €1 million jackpot there are also six additional prizes on available to win in each Daily Million just matching just three of the numbers drawn. All the prizes which are on offer to win in each daily draw are:

Prize Band Prize Amount
Match 6 €1,000,000
Match 5 plus Bonus Ball €10,000
Match 5 €500
Match 4 plus Bonus Ball €100
Match 4 €25
Match 3 plus Bonus Ball €10
Match 3 €3

This game takes place every day so whether you want to play every Thursday night or every night of the week make sure you purchase your tickets before 8:55pm for that day’s draw. Daily Million draws take place every day at approximately 9:59pm on TV3, however if you miss a draw then the latest Daily Million results will be available to view online.

Advanced Play
Advance play allows you to purchase Daily Million tickets for a week’s worth of draws. This useful facility enables you to play a total of seven Daily Million draws all in one go however it means that you will need to enter the same numbers for each draw.

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