EuroMillions Plus

The EuroMillions Plus was first launched in 2007 in Ireland as part of an addition to the primary EuroMillions lottery, creating more chances for Irish players to win a chunk of the EuroMillions prize money. Paying just a small extra fee means that the five main numbers chosen gives you an extra chance to win a prize of up to €500,000 – luck of the Irish? That will be the EuroMillions Plus!

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As the EuroMillions Plus works in conjunction with the EuroMillions, the rules are simple. Once you've decided on the five numbers needed for the draw (through either your own selection or the 'Quick Pick' feature), just mark the Plus box to get the ball(s) rolling! Remember, whilst the main five numbers and two Lucky Stars combination is valid for entry into the EuroMillions draw, the gameplay for the EuroMillions Plus differs due to the exception of the Lucky Star numbers.

There are three main prizes listed as follows:

Matched Numbers Winnings
5 €500,000
4 €2,000
3 €20

With all the winnings at a fixed value, should more than one person match all five numbers they would still receive €500,000 – so long as the prize payout limit of €3 million per draw is not reached. Should this occur, then the prizes would be amended accordingly depending on the number of winners. But if no one is able to match the five main numbers, then the winnings for the next draw would remain the same as the EuroMillions Plus jackpot does not carry out rollovers.

The draws take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays with the deadline for ticket sales at 7:30pm and online sales closing at 7:25pm - meaning tickets will not be available for purchase until the terminals reopen at 7am the following morning.

But not only can you buy your tickets in time for the draw, you can also play the EuroMillions Plus up to an entire month! The EuroMillions Plus Advance Play lets you enter your numbers for a month's worth of both EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus draws, meaning you can play anything from one to eight games.

Tickets are available both in-store and online – with all players required to be aged 18 or over. If you decide to register online, you'll need to send out a copy of either your passport or driver's licence (all by freepost) and once your age is confirmed, your account will automatically save and play your numbers as well as checked automatically on your behalf!

Any EuroMillions Plus winner claiming their prize can do so the same way if claiming a EuroMillions win. With up to 90 days from the winning draw to make their claim, always ensure your ticket is at hand as this will be your only proof to claiming your prize. For those claiming online, you'll automatically receive an email notifying you of your win – but remember, if the 90 day deadline for claiming your prize passes, then the money will be given to charity. Check the latest EuroMillions Results page now to see if you're a winner.

So for those looking for their next win, the Irish Lottery is definitely a plus – a EuroMillions Plus!