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Irish Lottery Betting

Many people choose Irish Lottery Betting rather than playing the main Irish Lotto Draw. Although Irish Lotto Betting means that you can't win the big Lotto Jackpot it does mean that you have significantly better odds of winning one of the smaller prizes making Irish Lotto Bet the choice for Lottery players wishing to make a profit from their weekly lottery spend. Of course, many players take part in the Irish Lottery for the chance of winning life changing money and for these players Betting on Irish Lotto games may not be for them.

Payouts for Irish Lotto Bets can be seen in the table below

Balls Return*
1 £6
2 £53
3 £576
4 £6,501
5 £100,001

* All returns shown above are based on a £1 stake betting on the Irish Lottery 6 Ball Game.

The easiest way to see if your Irish Lotto Bet has matched any numbers is to use our Irish Lottery Checker which allows you to select the numbers you chose for your bet and then shows if your numbers match any of the last 10 Irish Lotto Draws.

One thing that is important to take note of with Irish Lottery betting is that you must match all of the balls on your chosen line to get a payout. You can choose to play between 1 and 5 balls per line. For more information and to place your Bet on the Irish Lottery click here.