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Captain America

Join America’s favourite superhero as you fight for victory across the five reels and 50 paylines of this slot game! Based on the Marvel comic of the same name the Captain America slot offers players the chance to bet from 10p to £20 per line – meaning this is a game to suit the pocket of every wannabe saviour of the world! Look out for Captain America’s 3D Shield as this acts as the Wild and if you find three Captain America Logos you will unleash the Scatter and win free spins in a special bonus game.

Monopoly x3

Join Mr Monopoly on this scratch card game as you play for the chance to win up to £10,000! You have the choice of playing up to six panels at a time and if you correctly match all three symbols on a panel you will win a cash prize. You can choose to scratch off each panel individually or click the “Scratch All” to reveal all instantly. With up to six chances of winning on each game, will you take a Chance at becoming the next Mr Moneybags?

Monaco Glamour

If you’ve always wanted to party with the rich and famous in the glamorous resort of Monaco then this five reel 20 line slot game is the game for you! First choose the stake you wish to bet from between 10p and £10 per line followed by the number of lines you wish to play. Then click Spin and watch those reels roll! The reels are decorated with sparkling, glamorous symbols including Poker Chips, Dice and a Roulette Wheel and, the three cash filled bonus rounds available could winning up to 10,000 times your original stake! A lucky spin could have you feeling like a member of the jet set in no time!

Royal Slots

Enter the elegant royal residence for your chance to play this majestic slot game, where you can play on up to three vintage slot machines for your chance to win up to £100,000. The backdrop to your game is a royal residence complete with Corgis! To start playing simply choose your bet - between 25p and £10 - followed by the number of slot machines you wish to play and click Spin to see if you are heir to a fortune!

Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza is the ultimate in speed bingo and will challenge even the most prompt of players! Players can choose to buy up to eight cards and bet up to £10 on each. Once your game starts, 60 balls will be called and matching numbers will be ticked off automatically with prizes awarded when you complete a horizontal line. There is a potential £100,000 up for grabs in this fast paced game but the size of prizes decreases as the number of balls increases so be quick if you want to be the first to shout Bingo!

7th Heaven

This scratch game gives you the chance to win an amazing £100,000 by matching three sevens on the silver panel. You can play up to seven panels and must match all three seven symbols in order to win the prize in the adjacent panel. You can opt to scratch off each panel individually or click "Scratch All" to reveal all of them instantly. In addition to finding the triple sevens, you will also win a prize if you uncover a gift symbol so why not see if your game is Heaven sent?

Club Pearl

This gem of a game is exclusively for Karumba Club players and offers VIP players the chance to win up to £200,000 by finding three matching precious pearls. This underwater themed game is a deep-sea delight set against a backdrop of dolphins, tropical fish and sunken treasure! Playing the game is easy – simply open up to three shells per game and win a prize for each pearl you find. You can wager up to £20 at a time and if you are a lucky winner you could be dining on oysters and champagne before you know it.

Golden Fortune

Make your fortune with this scratch card game which could see you win up to 10,000 times your original stake. If you are able to match one or more of the five numbers which appear at the top of the screen against numbers hidden beneath your golden panels you will be a winner! You can play up to three panels at a time to maximise your chance of winning. Plus, there are two extra chances to win with the Bonus Round and the Instant Win money bag! Do you have the Midas touch? Play Golden Fortune to find out.

Slot 777

If seven is your lucky number then look no further than this fruit machine style scratch card! The game has a glamorous casino gaming floor backdrop and there are three one arm bandit machines just waiting to make you a winner! Simply choose your stake then click "Scratch All" to reveal the symbols across the reel. If all three match then you win the prize shown. You can bet between 50p and £10 on this game and win up to £100,000 so why not take a spin on Slot 777 today.

Forces of Terra

Forces of Terra is the eagerly awaited sequel to the popular slot game Legend of Terra. This 3D fantasy scratch card game gives players the chance to gain a treasure trove of winnings worth up to £10,000 when they match up the mystical characters. A prize will be won for matching three identical characters including the brave warrior, the beautiful princess, the fire breathing dragon or the gruff troll to name but a few. If you find four identical figures then your prize will be doubled and, if you are lucky enough to reveal five of the same figures, your prize will be multiplied by ten! Now there’s a force to be reckoned with!

Pirates Paradise

Arrr Matey, why not set sail on the high seas to victory with this one line pirate themed slot game? Choose your stake, hit "Spin" and if you match up three symbols you will win a coffer full of booty! You can bet between 10p and £10 and could win up to £100,000 if you find three Treasure Chest symbols on the reel. Other pirate symbols, including hooks, pirate guns and treasure maps make this a swashbuckling adventure which could see you plunder the jackpot! .


If you have fond memories of playing noughts and crosses as a youngster then this scratch card is sure to make you smile! It is based on the traditional pencil and paper game except with the added excitement that you could win up to 10,000 times your original stake if you find three Xs or three Os in a row. Simply choose the amount you wish to bet - from 50p and £10 - click "Play" and scratch away! You can either choose to scratch all the squares at once or one by one if you’d really like to draw out the fun. Don’t forget to scratch the silver box at the bottom to see what your cash prize is.