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The Irish National Lottery was launched in 1986 to replace the Irish Sweepstakes as the country looked for a new way to raise money for good causes. Currently run by Premier Lotteries Ireland, the main game, Irish Lotto, takes place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and is responsible for regularly creating millionaires and raising billions of Euros for good causes across the Republic.

While a percentage of money from the Irish Lottery sales goes back into the prize fund, the rest goes to raise money for areas such as sport, health and welfare, arts recreation, heritage and the Irish language.

Irish Lottery Results

Irish Lottery Results for Wednesday 19th October 2016

  • 2
  • 11
  • 24
  • 28
  • 37
  • 47
  • 35

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EuroMillions Results for Friday 21st October 2016

  • 9
  • 20
  • 23
  • 44
  • 48
  • 8
  • 10

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Daily Million Results for Friday 21st Oct - 9:00pm

  • 9
  • 13
  • 19
  • 25
  • 27
  • 28
  • 23

Prize Breakdown for Friday (with the Plus draw)

EuroMillions Plus Results for Friday 21st October 2016

  • 6
  • 9
  • 13
  • 42
  • 48

EuroMillions Plus Prize Breakdown for Friday

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Irish Lottery News

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About the Irish Lottery

To play Irish Lotto you must select six numbers from a choice of 47. In the draw, six main balls are selected, after which a Bonus Ball is drawn from the remaining numbers. To win the Irish Lotto jackpot, you must match all six selections on your lottery ticket to the main six balls drawn. The odds of winning the main Irish Lotto Jackpot are around 1 in 10.7 million, which gives you a much better chance of becoming a millionaire than with many other lottery draws around the world!

The Irish Lottery was one of the first ever lottery draws to be gambled on by players outside the country where the lottery is played. Betting shops in the UK and many other countries have been offering Irish Lottery Betting for years but while that saw some big winners, players were not actually buying tickets but betting on the results of the draw.

With the advent of the internet, all this changed. There is no need to bet on which lottery numbers will be called, as you can now play this lottery online, no matter where you are in the world. There's no need at all to even enter a bookmakers and buying lottery tickets online for the Irish Lottery is actually easier than popping to the shop for your own local draw.

Whether you're an individual lottery player, or a syndicate who just want to increase your chances of an Irish Lottery win, playing online has never been easier and with regular rollovers, some big jackpots and better odds than many lottery draws around the world it's easy to see why online players are flocking to play The Irish Lottery.

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How to Buy Irish Lottery Tickets

Buying an Irish Lottery Ticket online is one of the easiest ways to play any lottery draw online and is one of the safest and most convenient ways of playing the Irish Lottery. When you buy tickets online for Ireland's Lottery you don't have to have any worries about losing your tickets and most sellers will even let you know if you are a lucky winner.

All you have to do is buy tickets online for the next lotto draw, it takes just a few clicks and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Then check our Irish lottery results main page every Wednesday and Saturday evening after the draw. If you're a winner, the prize is yours, even if you're buying tickets online from another country.

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