How to Play EuroMillions

Ireland joined EuroMillions in October 2004 alongside Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, eight months after the game originally launched in Spain, France and the UK. The game has become famous for giving away huge jackpots that can quickly reach nine figures.

To take part, players choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars from a pool of 1 to 12 and must match all seven digits to claim the multimillion-Euro jackpot, which starts at €17 million. Tickets cost €2.50 and draws take place in Paris on Tuesday and Friday nights. Irish ticket holders also receive an entry into the Ireland Only Raffle for every line of EuroMillions numbers they purchase.

It is also possible to take part in EuroMillions by joining an online syndicate. Syndicates are groups of people who buy multiple lottery tickets with the agreement that any prizes will be split between all syndicate members. Joining one is a great way to boost your odds of winning a prize, without having to spend more money yourself, because you have more entries into the draw so it becomes more likely that one of your group's tickets will match the winning EuroMillions numbers.

You can find the latest EuroMillions results soon after the numbers are drawn.

How to Win EuroMillions

Whether you play online or buy tickets from an authorised retailers across Ireland, here are the combinations you need to win EuroMillions prizes and the odds of winning in each tier.

Match Odds of Winning Estimated Prize Percentage of Prize Fund
5 + 2 1 in 139,838,160 Varies (minimum €17 million 43.2% or 27%*
5 + 1 1 in 6,991,908 €303,798 3.95
5 + 0 1 in 3,107,515 €31,448 0.92%
4 + 2 1 in 621,503 €3,076 0.45%
4 + 1 1 in 31,076 €164 0.48%
3 + 2 1 in 14,126 €102 0.67%
4 + 0 1 in 13,812 €59 0.38%
2 + 2 1 in 986 €19 1.75%
3 + 1 1 in 707 €14 1.85%
3 + 0 1 in 314 €12 3.50%
1 + 2 1 in 188 €10 4.95%
2 + 1 1 in 50 €8 14.85%
2 + 0 1 in 22 €4 18.25%

*During the first six draws of a rollover cycle (starting from the first draw with the base jackpot of €17 million), approximately 43.2% of the prize fund is allocated to the jackpot, with 4.8% allocated to the Reserve Fund. Starting from the seventh draw until the jackpot is won or it rolls down, 27% percent of the prize fund is allocated to the jackpot, with 21% diverted to the Reserve Fund.

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 13. Players have 90 days from the date of the relevant draw to claim EuroMillions prizes from tickets purchased in Ireland.

The minimum jackpot is worth €17 million, but its value can quickly increase due to rollovers and high levels of ticket sales. The EuroMillions jackpot is capped once it reaches €190 million; it can then stay at this amount for a total of five draws if needed, but if there is no winner in the fifth draw at the jackpot cap, the full amount rolls down to the next prize tier with winning players and is shared equally across all tickets.

The EuroMillions jackpot has hit €190 million on three occasions, with UK couple Adrian and Gillian Bayford the first to claim the maximum prize on 10th August 2012.

EuroMillionaire's Raffle Draw

As part of changes to EuroMillions in September 2016, the EuroMillionaire’s Raffle Draw was introduced. This special game guarantees that a pre-determined number of tickets from across all nine participating EuroMillions countries will win €1 million in a single night.

All Irish tickets entered into the EuroMillionaire’s Raffle Draw will receive a code beginning with the letter ‘I’, followed by three more letters and five numbers. On the night of a EuroMillionaire’s Raffle Draw, a predetermined number of codes entered into the draw are randomly selected to win prizes.

Here is a list of all the EuroMillionaire’s Raffle Draws to date:

Date Number of Prizes Value of Prizes Offered
28th October 2016 25 €1 million
23rd February 2018 25 €1 million

Irish EuroMillions Winners

There have been a number of Irish EuroMillions jackpot winners since the country joined the game in October 2004. Here are the biggest winners:

Date Prize Winner's Details
19th February 2019 €175.4 million Family syndicate who purchased their entry in The Naul, Co Dublin
29th July 2005 €115.4 million Dolores McNamara of Limerick.
25th June 2013 €93.9 million Ticket bought in Beaumont, Dublin. Split €187.9 million jackpot with a Belgian player.
24th January 2017 €88.5 million Syndicate who bought their ticket in Lusk, Dublin.
19th September 2014 €86.7 million Syndicate who bought their ticket in Ballybrack, Dublin.

EuroMillions Plus

The Irish EuroMillions supplementary game is EuroMillions Plus, which allows you to enter the five main numbers, but not the Lucky Stars, from your EuroMillions line into an additional draw for an extra opportunity to win. Access to EuroMillions Plus costs €1 on top of the usual EuroMillions ticket price.