How to Claim

Find out how to claim prizes won on Irish Lottery games, whether it’s one of the smaller prizes or a big jackpot. The method of claiming depends on how much you have won and whether you bought your ticket in-store or online.

Coronavirus update: Lottery prizes can still be claimed as normal during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, but in-store winners of prizes over €15,000 are being urged to call the claims team in advance to make an appointment at the National Lottery’s Dublin headquarters. Call 1800 666 222 or 01 836 4444 to get in touch with the claims team. The claim period for entries bought for draws between 9th January 2020 and the week of 5th July 2020 has also been extended by three months. Any tickets purchased outside of those dates are subject to the standard 90-day claim period.

The rules around postal claims have also been relaxed temporarily so that in-store winners of €15,000 or more and online winners of €10,000 or more can claim by post. Instructions for claiming by post can be found on this page.

Online entries

Up to €99: Prizes won on entries worth up to and including €99 will automatically be transferred to your online lottery account. You can then use the winnings to pay for entries to future draws or you can withdraw the money. If you choose to withdraw the money a cheque will be issued to the postal address you have registered on your online lottery account.

From €100 up to and including €500: A cheque for the prize amount will be issued to the postal address registered on your online account.

From €501 up to and including €9,999: A representative from the National Lottery will contact you to conduct some verification checks. A claim form will then be sent to you and you must return the completed form to the address stated on it. A cheque for the prize amount will then be posted to you.

€10,000 or more: Prizes of this amount must be claimed in person at the National Lottery’s headquarters in Dublin. Your age and identity will need to be verified before the prize is paid out so ensure you take appropriate photo ID with you when you claim. You have 90 days from the date of the winning draw to claim.*

*See the note at the top of the page to find out what you need to do to claim during the coronavirus crisis.

In-store Entries

Up to and including €100: These prizes can be claimed from any National Lottery retailer in Ireland. Just present the winning ticket and the retailer will validate it and pay you out. Some retailers may also pay out prizes worth up to €2,500 but this is at their discretion.

From €101 up to and including €14,999: You must claim prizes of this amount from one of the An Post prize centres located throughout Ireland.

€15,000 or more: Prizes of this value must be claimed from the National Lottery’s headquarters on Abbey Street Lower in Dublin. You must sign the winning ticket and present it when you make your claim.*

*See the note at the top of the page to find out what you need to do to claim during the coronavirus crisis.

All in-store prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the winning draw. Unclaimed prizes are used by the National Lottery for future promotions, which will in turn raise money for good causes. The lottery supports projects in various sectors - sports, arts, heritage, youth, health, community and Irish language. Go to the Unclaimed Prizes page to see a list of major prizes that are currently waiting to be collected.

Claim by Post

Prizes can also be claimed by post. Ensure that the winning ticket is signed and send it, along with your name, address, and contact details to The National Lottery, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1. Note that prizes of €15,000 must still be claimed in person at the lottery’s headquarters and you may be asked to provide valid photo ID for some other prizes.

The following prizes cannot be claimed by post and must be claimed using the other methods detailed on this page:

  • EuroMillions prizes in the top three tiers (Match 5 and above)
  • EuroMillions prizes of €15,000 or more
  • The EuroMillions Plus top prize

A note on claiming from bookmakers: If you bet on an Irish Lottery game at a betting shop or online bookmaker you will need to contact that same bookmaker to collect your winnings. The Irish National Lottery does not pay out prizes on these types of wagers. For more information, visit the Lottery Betting page.

For any further help claiming prizes please contact the National Lottery on 1800 666 222 between 9:15am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday.