Daily Million

Daily Million is an exciting game which offers prizes of up to €1 million and is played twice a day. Taking place at 2pm and 9pm, players must select six numbers from a choice of 39 and each line costs €1.

A Bonus Ball is drawn from the remaining 33 numbers after the main balls are selected, creating extra ways to win. There are a total of seven prize tiers, including the seven-figure jackpot for matching all six main numbers.

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The jackpot does not roll over, and if more than one player matches all six main numbers the €1 million is shared between the winners. All other prize amounts are fixed, and can be seen in the table below:

Prize Band Prize Amount Odds of Winning
Match 6 €1,000,000 1 in 3,262,623
Match 5 plus Bonus Ball €10,000 1 in 543,771
Match 5 €500 1 in 16,993
Match 4 plus Bonus Ball €100 1 in 6,797
Match 4 €25 1 in 439
Match 3 plus Bonus Ball €10 1 in 329
Match 3 €3 1 in 33

*Overall odds of winning a Daily Million prize are 1 in 14.

See the latest winning numbers at the Daily Million Results page to find out if you are due a prize.

Daily Million was launched on Tuesday 11th September 2012 and draws initially took place once a day until a second daily draw started being held in April 2016.

Daily Million players can also opt in to enter Daily Million Plus.

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