Irish Lottery Scams

Lottery scams are becoming better publicised all the time, but it doesn’t stop the scammers finding new victims every week. Many lottery scams come in the form of emails, letters and text messages and among them, Irish Lottery scams are often the most popular due to the Irish Lottery being one of the most popular lottery draws outside Ireland.

Lottery scams usually come in the form of email, but lots of postal lottery scams and more recently mobile lottery scams have been recorded too and they all usually take the same format. You will receive a letter, email or text telling you that you have won a prize in the Irish Lottery. However, it’s when you try and claim your prize that the lottery scams kick in, as many people have been asked to send thousands of pounds as a ‘service fee’ to receive their ‘winnings’. If you are foolish enough to send the cash then they will receive another letter from the lottery board asking you to pay more, pay that and you’ll be asked to send a courier fee. It just goes on and on and unfortunately we are sent proof that too many people are still falling for these scams from the Irish Lottery, Euromillions Lottery and other lotteries from around the world.

It's thought that around 70,000 people, and counting, from around the world have lost money in lottery scams and that figure is growing all the time. Don’t be the next victim, if you haven’t entered a lottery draw, then you cannot win and even if you do play the lottery online, no lottery retailer would ever ask you for money to release your winnings. More recently lottery scams have involved not saying you have won a prize but instead acting like a lottery winner and saying that they want to share their prize money with you.

Irish Lottery scams are some of the biggest lottery scams on the net and much of this is due to the fact that the Irish Lottery is one of the biggest lottery draws to be played outside Ireland. The Irish Lottery has been played in bookmakers for years and now thanks to the Internet, players can buy Irish Lottery tickets online. However, none of these retailers would ever ask you for money if you win and any correspondence that does so should be treated with suspicion.

The sad fact is that because these Irish Lottery scams are actually run outside Ireland, it makes it very difficult for the police to find the scammers and that’s why you must be vigilant.

Advice for lottery scam victims

There’s much advice out there to prevent yourself becoming an Irish Lottery scam victim but the main thing is to employ common sense. If you get an email, letter or text message telling you that you have won an Irish Lottery jackpot then stop and think. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • "Have I played this lottery draw?"
  • "Would a genuine lottery be asking me to send thousands of pounds?"
  • "Would a genuine email from a lottery company be littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes?" (They often are).

If the answer to your questions are all a resounding "NO" then avoid being the next Irish Lottery scam victim by hitting that delete key! Do not fill in any personal details and do not reply.

Our final bit of Irish Lottery scam advice… If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is.