Christmas Millionaire Raffle

The Irish Lottery is celebrating the festive season by giving players the chance to win multiple prizes in the special Christmas Millionaire Raffle draw. This festive raffle game offers thousands of prizes ranging from €500 up to €1 million. Tickets cost €20 each, with all entries containing a six-digit code generated at random. This year the Irish Lotto Christmas Millionaire Raffle will take place on Thursday 31st December 2015 and will featue a total of 2,236 prizes.

The prize breakdown for the Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2015 is:

Number of Prizes Prize Amount
1 €1,000,000
1 €250,000
4 €100,000
10 €10,000
20 €5,000
100 €1,000
2,100 €500

The 2015 Christmas Millionaire Raffle will follow the format of previous years and take place in two stages. The first stage draw will randomly select 2,236 tickets to decide the prize winners. The second stage draw will then take place to allocate a prize to each winning ticket. Only 350,000 tickets will be sold throughout Ireland, so players are advised to purchase tickets well in advance to avoid missing out on the chance of becoming a Christmas Millionaire Raffle winner.

For players who are unfamiliar with the Christmas Millionaire Raffle, it is a separate draw to the main Irish Lotto game where, instead of players selecting their own numbers, all raffle tickets are pre-printed.

In addition to the Christmas Millionaire Raffle, the Irish Lottery holds other special raffle draws throughout the year and previous years have seen an Easter Millionaire Raffle and a Summer Millionaire Raffle.

Christmas Millionaire Raffle Results

The last Irish Lottery Christmas Millionaire took place on Tuesday 31st December 2013. The winning codes are available on the Christmas Millionaire Raffle Results page.

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