Irish Lottery Betting

As an alternative to buying tickets from a retailer, Irish lottery fans can choose to bet on the outcome of games such as Irish Lotto and EuroMillions. The prizes are just as great and you can still pick your own numbers if you want to - it is just a different method which offers the simplicity and convenience of playing online.

How To Bet On Irish Lotteries

Betting on Irish Lotto or EuroMillions is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Choose whether you wish to select your own numbers or use a random quick-pick.
  • Decide how many lines you would like to select, and confirm your purchase.
  • Wait for the draw to take place and find out if you have won.

You still select the same amount of numbers as you would if you were buying a ticket from a retailer - so it would be six numbers for Irish Lotto or five for EuroMillions, plus two Lucky Stars.

As your bet is made online, there is no danger of it being lost. The information will be stored securely, you will automatically be notified if you win a prize and the money will be paid directly into your betting account.


Anyone who bets on Irish Lotto or EuroMillions can play for the same prize pools that are available when buying a ticket from a retailer. The value of the prizes will not be the same in every draw, as they depend on the number of players participating and the number of winners, but both games offer the chance to win huge sums of money.

If the jackpot stands at €10 million, for example, you will win the full amount if nobody else matches all the numbers. The same applies for other major prize tiers, so if you matched five main numbers, for instance, your prize would be based on the number of other winners in this category. If you win in one of the lower prize tiers, you will receive just as much money as someone who bought a ticket and matched the same amount of numbers.