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Irish Lottery Betting

Irish Lottery betting is available at many bookmakers and offers a fun, and potentially lucrative, alternative to buying tickets in a traditional manner. Different bookies accept wagers on different games, but it is possible to lay wagers on the outcomes of Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and Daily Million, along with a host of big international games.

Irish lottery betting requires you to predict one or more of the numbers that will appear in a certain draw, with the odds lengthening as you attempt to match more balls. This can lead to some significant payouts, way above those offered for matching the same number of balls with a regular lottery ticket. However, bookmakers do not tend to offer odds on matching all of the numbers in a draw, so it is difficult to achieve the multimillion-Euro jackpot amounts available for Irish Lotto without risking a substantial stake.

Typical Irish Lotto Betting Odds

Each bookmaker has its own lottery prices for punters, but here are the betting odds offered by Betfred on Irish Lotto as an illustration:

Pick and Match Odds Payout on a €1 Stake
1 Number 6/1 €7
2 Numbers 60/1 €61
3 Numbers 675/1 €676
4 Numbers 8,000/1 €8,001
5 Numbers 150,000/1 €150,001

If you buy Irish Lotto tickets, you wouldn’t receive a payout at all for matching just one or two numbers, but you could bet €1 and receive €60 plus your stake back just for correctly picking two balls with a bookie.

It is worth noting that, if you choose to predict two balls, you have to match both for the bet to pay out, whereas playing six numbers on an Irish Lotto ticket will bring you a return for matching anything from two main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

Betfred also offers the same odds for betting on the supplementary Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 games.

Typical Daily Million Betting Odds

Daily Million is particularly popular with bettors as there are only 39 numbers to choose from, offering a better chance of picking up a return. Here are the odds of winning on Daily Million at Coral:

Pick and Match Odds Payout on a €1 Stake
1 Number 5/1 €6
2 Numbers 40/1 €41
3 Numbers 400/1 €401
4 Numbers 3,750/1 €3,751
5 Numbers 50,000/1 €50,001

In the normal Daily Million game, matching five main numbers is worth €500. If you bet just €1 on that outcome, you would receive 100 times more back from the bookmaker.

Where to Bet on Irish Lottery Games

You can bet on Irish Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and Daily Million at Gala, Coral, Betfred, Paddy Power and Boylesports. Ladbrokes and William Hill offer Irish Lotto betting that allows you to add the Bonus Ball into the winning line, increasing your chances of winning as there is an extra chance of matching a number. However, this does shorten your odds and lower the value of any payout.

Bet365 has a comprehensive list of Irish Lotto markets, allowing you to bet on the total value of all the balls in the winning line, the value of the Bonus Ball, the first number drawn and many other events.

Pros and Cons of Irish Lottery Betting

Pros Cons
Bigger payouts for matching fewer numbers. Have to match exactly the amount of numbers you chose.
You can set your own stake and limits. You can’t win the multimillion-Euro jackpot or any Lotto Plus prizes.
More extensive range of markets on offer. Picking and matching fewer numbers raises your odds of winning that selection.