JackpotLotto gives you the chance to win €100,000 twice a day and offers a 1 in 5 chance to receive a free bet for a future draw. The game is available exclusively online and can be played from Ireland and many other locations around the world.

To play, choose six numbers between 1 and 50 and a Jackpot Ball between 1 and 5. The aim is to match your numbers with those selected as the winning numbers in the draw(s) you entered. If you match all seven numbers you win the top JackpotLotto prize of €100,000.

JackpotLotto costs €0.50 per line. You can enter a single draw or you can subscribe to enter every draw on a monthly or three-monthly basis – the cost per line for a subscription can be significantly less than a single entry.

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Latest Results

Draws take place every day at 12:40pm and 7:40 pm and the latest results are added below as soon as they have been verified. Check your entry against these winning numbers to find out if you’ve won the €100,000 prize.

Monday 24th June 2024 - 1:40pm
2 34 38 41 46 49 3
Sunday 23rd June 2024 - 8:40pm
4 7 10 15 24 41 1

JackpotLotto Prizes

The top prize on offer in JackpotLotto is a huge €100,000 and you can win it by matching all six numbers plus the Jackpot Ball.

You also have a chance of winning another entry with the Free Bet Bonus. Simply match the Jackpot Ball to win a free bet; you don’t even have to hit any of the main numbers to win it. The free bet will be applied to your online lottery account for a future draw.

Take a look at the prize table below to find the prizes on offer in JackpotLotto and the odds of winning.

Match Odds Prize
6 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 79,453,500 €100,000
5 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 300,960 Free Bet Bonus
4 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 5,599 Free Bet Bonus
3 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 299 Free Bet Bonus
2 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 39 Free Bet Bonus
1 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 12 Free Bet Bonus
0 + Jackpot Ball 1 in 11 Free Bet Bonus
*Overall odds of winning: 1 in 5

How to Claim

As JackpotLotto is played exclusively online you will receive a notification when you win a prize. You will be prompted to log into your online lottery account to check what you have won.

  • If you win the Free Bet Bonus the free bet will be applied to your account for you to use in an upcoming draw. Simply log in to your lottery account and activate the bonus.
  • Payout of the €100,000 top prize is subject to additional verification checks so if you win you will be required to provide documents to prove your age and address, such as your passport and a utility bill. Once all the necessary checks have been conducted the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.