Irish Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 is an additional game that is played alongside the main Irish Lotto draw. The game boasts a top prize of €1 million and to win it players must match all six of the numbers drawn. Players can win other great fixed prizes by matching as few as two main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. Unlike the main Irish Lotto game, there are no rollovers in Lotto Plus 1.

Playing Lotto Plus 1 is simple; once players have chosen their numbers for the main Irish Lotto game, those same numbers are entered into the Lotto Plus 1 draw for an additional €1 per line. Alternatively if players do not want to select their own numbers they can select the Quick Pick option, which gives them a random set of numbers to play. Once they have selected their numbers players then have to tick off the Lotto Plus option on their ticket.

Although playing Lotto Plus 1 comes at an additional cost, it gives players the chance to win one of eight guaranteed prizes in every draw. There are two Lotto Plus 1 draws every week, on a Wednesday and Saturday night, with the draw for this additional game held after the main Irish Lotto draw. The set prizes available to win in Lotto Plus 1 are listed below:

Prize Tier Prize Amount Odds (Rounded)
Match 6 €1 million 1 in 10,737,573
Match 5 plus Bonus Ball €5,000 1 in 1,789,596
Match 5 €500 1 in 44,740
Match 4 plus Bonus Ball €50 1 in 17,896
Match 4 €20 1 in 918
Match 3 plus Bonus Ball €10 1 in 688
Match 3 €3 1 in 54
Match 2 plus Bonus Ball €2 Daily Million Quick Pick (2 lines) 1 in 72

Originally known as just Lotto Plus, this additional game was first launched in 2000, with the first ever Lotto Plus draw taking place on 25th October 2000. However, in 2002 this extra game was renamed as Lotto Plus 1 as another supplementary game called Lotto Plus 2 was introduced. Lotto Plus 1, under its new name, then held its first draw on 1st September 2002.