Unclaimed Irish Lottery Prizes

Unclaimed Irish Lottery prizes worth more than €10 million expire every year as unlucky players miss out on the opportunity to change their lives forever. Awards are valid for 90 days following the winning draw and any that remain unclaimed after that deadline are returned to the National Lottery to be used to promote its games, with the aim of increasing the funding for the good causes it supports.

The current unclaimed Irish Lottery prizes are listed below:

Draw Date Lottery Prize Value Prize Tier Area Purchased Winning Results Final Date to Claim
08/02/2020 Lotto €70,725.00 Match 5 plus Bonus Tipperary 14, 20, 24, 38, 41, 45
Bonus Ball: 3
28/02/2020 EuroMillions Plus €500,000.00 Match 5 Kerry 28/05/2020
27/03/2020 EuroMillions €134,055.00 Match 5 and 1 Star Cork 11, 14, 27, 41, 46
Lucky Stars: 2, 3
31/03/2020 EuroMillions Plus €500,000.00 Match 5 Kerry 29/06/2020
01/04/2020 Irish Lotto Plus 1 €1,000,000.00 Match 6 Dublin 30/06/2020

Anyone who plays through a retailer must present their ticket in order to receive their prize, so it is important to try and keep it in a safe place. It is also recommended that players sign the back of their tickets. Learn more about how to claim prizes.

If you have played the lottery from any of the above locations, you may wish to check your jacket pockets or the bottom of your bag to look for old tickets. If you find a valid entry, make sure to come forward before the 90-day deadline.

To avoid missing out on an Irish Lottery prize, you could choose your numbers online instead, which means that you will always receive an email telling you if you are due a prize. In addition, your award is paid directly into your player account.