Lotto Plus Raffle

The Irish Lotto Plus Raffle gives players who opted to play the additional 'Plus' game with their Lotto tickets the chance to win a prize of €500.

A four-digit raffle number is printed on your Lotto ticket when the 'Plus' option is chosen and, if the number matches (in order) the winning code published on a draw night, you will win a €500 prize!

Winning Codes

The Lotto Plus Raffle codes can be found on the main Irish Lotto results page following each draw.

€1 Million Christmas Special Draw 2018

To celebrate the festive period, the Irish National Lottery are adding an additional €1 million to the prize pot for the Lotto draw on 22nd December. This means that the winners will win €500 plus an equal share of the extra €1 million added.

National Lottery officials in Ireland estimate that each winner will receive an additional €8,000 - €12,500, depending on the number of winners in the draw.

How to Enter

To enter the Christmas Special draw, you just need to purchase a Lotto Plus ticket for the draw on Saturday 22nd December. If the code printed on your ticket is published as the winning code on the night of the draw, you will win the amount stated alongside the results after the draw has taken place.


The odds of any single Irish Lotto Plus Raffle code winning a prize are 1 in 10,000.

The game was introduced in September 2015 alongside other changes to the Irish Lotto game, which saw players' overall chances of winning a prize boosted. Multiple winners are created in each Lotto draw (Wednesday and Saturday) and the prizes are not shared.