Lotto Plus Raffle

The Irish Lotto Plus Raffle gives players who opted to play the additional 'Plus' game with their Lotto tickets the chance to win a prize of €500.

A four-digit raffle number is printed on your Lotto ticket when the 'Plus' option is chosen and if the number matches the winning code published on a draw night, in exactly the same order, you will win a €500 prize.

Winning Codes

The winning Lotto Plus Raffle codes can be found alongside each Lotto result. Take a look at the main Irish Lotto results page following each draw and then select ‘Prize Breakdown’ to see the winning raffle code for a specific date.

How to Enter

To enter, you just need to add the ‘Lotto Plus’ option when you buy a Lotto ticket. You will then receive a raffle code for each line of numbers you pick. The minimum cost for Lotto and Lotto Plus is €6 and will give you two sets of numbers that you use in each draw – Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 – in addition to two raffle codes.

The odds of any single Irish Lotto Plus Raffle code winning a prize are 1 in 10,000. With the minimum of two codes, your chances of winning are 1 in 5,000.

Special Lotto Plus Raffle Draws

To celebrate important dates such as Christmas and Bank Holidays, the Irish National Lottery sometimes runs special raffle draws, in which they add €1 million to the prize pot. This means that the winners will win €500 plus an equal share of the extra €1 million.

The number of winners varies from draw to draw because more tickets are sold for some draws than others. Therefore, the number of players who have bought an entry with the winning code on it will also vary.

Around 80-120 players are expected to match the code in every draw, so winners in special draws can expect to receive an additional €8,000 - €12,500. However, the final payout may be even more or less, depending on the exact number of winners.