€1 Million Prize Guaranteed in This Friday’s Ireland Only Raffle Draw

€1 Million Prize Guaranteed in This Friday’s Ireland Only Raffle Draw

EuroMillions players across Ireland are snapping up tickets and crossing their fingers tightly ahead of this Friday’s Ireland Only Raffle draw, when one player is guaranteed to win €1 million. The special draw is set to coincide with Black Friday and will leave one lucky entrant with enough cash to enjoy a truly memorable Christmas.

What is the Ireland Only Raffle?

The Ireland Only Raffle is a supplementary draw that takes place following the conclusion of each EuroMillions draw. Included in the price of a ticket, the raffle-style game lavishes ten prizes of €5,000 on ten lucky ticket holders; all players have to do is match one of the winning four-letter, five-digit codes in the draw.

What’s Different About Friday’s Draw?

Friday’s draw will work in exactly the same way as any other, but with one crucial difference. Once all ten codes have been randomly selected they will be entered into a second draw, from which one of the ten codes will be drawn, the owner of which will receive an incredible €1 million on top of their €5,000 prize. 

A History of Special Ireland Only Raffle Draws

This isn’t the first time EuroMillions players in Ireland have been offered the chance to land a seven-figure sum on top of their Ireland Only Raffle prize. Following the game’s launch in 2016 as part of a number of exciting changes to EuroMillions, players have witnessed a plethora of special events, all of which have taken place during Friday draws.

The first draw took place on Friday 17th February, before a second event was held on Friday 5th May in which a family from Co Kildare scooped a top prize which they said would help them gain a foot on the housing ladder.

How to Take Part

If you would like to take part in this Friday’s Black Friday Ireland Only Raffle draw, you can purchase your tickets in advance from any authorised retailer across the Republic. Alternatively, if you just can’t wait to experience that winning feeling, you can pick your numbers ahead of Tuesday evening’s EuroMillions draw, when the jackpot will be worth a massive €60 million. Good luck!

20th November 2017