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€11.5 Million Jackpot on Offer in Tomorrow’s Irish Lotto Draw

€11.5 Million Jackpot on Offer in Tomorrow’s Irish Lotto Draw

The Irish Lotto jackpot has risen to an incredible €11.5 million after 14 successive draws without a top tier winner. The coveted top prize has eluded players for seven consecutive weeks and was last won on Wednesday 9th April.

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A jackpot of this value has not been seen since early 2012 when the top prize was estimated at €11 million for the draw on Saturday 31st March. However, as a result of strong ticket sales, the value of the top prize surpassed expectations and was worth €11,526,001 when it was finally won. The supersized top prize was shared between two winning tickets, one of which was purchased in the North East of the country and the other in the East. Both winners claimed their prizes anonymously.

As tomorrow night’s jackpot is already estimated at €11.5 million, it’s likely it too could increase in value as a result of high ticket sales. If the jackpot grows larger than €11,526,001, it will become the highest valued top prize in more than three years.

Due to the impressive size of tomorrow night’s Irish Lotto jackpot, player interest is peaking. If you’d like to participate in tomorrow’s draw and want to avoid the potentially lengthy queues, tickets can be purchased online via the Tickets tab.

If you can’t wait for Saturday’s big Lotto draw, the next EuroMillions draw takes place tonight and although the odds of winning aren’t as encouraging as the Irish Lotto, the top prize is phenomenal. A €67 million jackpot is on offer after almost a month has passed without a top tier winner. Like the Irish Lotto, tickets can be purchased online via the Tickets tab or in person from an authorised retailer.

30th May 2014