30th May, 2011 Irish Lottery News

30th May, 2011 Irish Lottery News

Irish Lottery players have a lot to be excited about this week as the Saturday night Lotto jackpot rolled over. No one matched all the winning numbers in the main draw and so Wednesday’s Irish Lottery jackpot is heading for €3 million.

There’s also a bit of a double-whammy this week for Irish Lottery players, as the Euromillions jackpot also rolled over at the weekend. This gives players across the country the chance at a Euromillions jackpot worth over €30 million on Tuesday evening.

The only one of the Irish Lottery draws that attracted winners last week was the Lotto Plus 2 draw. There was two winners in that lottery draw, each collecting €250,000 each. The Lotto Plus one draw followed the trend of the main Lotto and Euromillions with no top tier winners.

For lottery players in Ireland who play the selection of Irish Lottery draws available online, there’s something else to look forward to. It’s promised that the entire website is in for an overhaul. The changes are long overdue, as the site has seen few changes since it’s launch. Hopefully the changes will mean a more user friendly experience for lottery players who like to buy lottery tickets online.

29th May 2011

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