An Extra €1 Million Up For Grabs In the Lotto Plus Raffle Christmas Special

An Extra €1 Million Up For Grabs In the Lotto Plus Raffle Christmas Special

Lotto Plus raffle winners are set to receive a nice Christmas bonus on 22nd December as an additional €1 million is going to be added to the prize pot. The extra prize money could mean each raffle winner walks away with around €10,000 rather than the usual €500.

First Special Raffle

This will be the first time a special edition of the Lotto Plus Raffle has taken place since changes were introduced to the game in August 2018. The Irish National Lottery said that such draws would take place at certain points throughout the year.

The guaranteed €1 million prize money will be split between all raffle winners on the 22nd December, so individual prize amounts will depend on how many players match the winning code on the night. There are usually 80-120 raffle winners, so if this is the case for the special draw, each one can expect to take home somewhere between €8,500 and €12,500.

How to Enter

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning a share of the €1 million is buy an entry for the Lotto and Lotto Plus draw on Saturday 22nd December. You will receive a raffle code for every line of numbers you purchase, and every ticket that matches the winning four-digit code drawn will win a portion of the prize money. Every raffle code has a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning, and as you have to play at least two lines of Lotto Plus, you have a couple of opportunities to claim a share of that €1 million.

This is in addition to the prizes on offer in the main Lotto and Lotto Plus draws, so you will have four chances to win some big money. The jackpot in the main Lotto draw currently sits at €3 million, and it will be worth even more if it rolls over again between now and Saturday. Lotto Plus 1, meanwhile, offers a jackpot of €1 million, while there’s €250,000 up for grabs in every Lotto Plus 2 draw.

17th December 2018