Betting on Irish Lotto: Another Way to Win

Betting on Irish Lotto: Another Way to Win

Most Irish Lotto fans faithfully buy their tickets week after week, crossing their fingers and hoping for a huge payday, but there’s more than one way to play the country’s flagship lottery game. Betting on the Irish Lottery is easy, and could see you pick up a hefty chunk of cash for less than the price of an actual lottery ticket, all while keeping an eye out for those important winning numbers. Offered through bookmakers instead of the lottery itself, it can be just as fun as buying a regular ticket.

If you like to play Irish Lotto normally, you’d pay €3, the minimum amount allowed, for two playlines and wait for the draws to take place on Wednesday or Saturday nights. If you matched just three main numbers, you’d win a fixed prize of €5. If you only matched one or two numbers in the draw, you’d be out of luck.

However, betting on the Irish Lotto can yield some good dividends if experience has anything to show for it. Recently, a punter from Co Louth amassed more than €34,000 on EuroMillions betting after putting down just €6, beating odds of 1500/1 on one slip and 33,000/1 on the other.

If you bet on the Irish Lotto, you can stake any amount you like as long as you meet any minimum wagering requirements the bookmaker sets. Even if you only matched two, or even one number, you could still walk away with a nice payout. You could stake €1 and bet that you’ll match three numbers, at (theoretical) odds of 575/1 from a bookmaker, and receive €575 if three of those numbers come up.

Of course, there are some downsides. One thing to remember is that you must match all the numbers you picked in your wager in order to win a prize. For example, if you bet that you could match five numbers and you only match four, then you’ll lose out, unlike in Irish Lotto, where your six numbers give you a chance of matching at least three. In addition, if you want to win the jackpot, or the six-figure top prizes offered in Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, you’ll want to skip the bookies entirely and buy Irish Lotto tickets instead.

It’s all up to you - many people like the ease and regularity of buying Irish Lotto tickets and aiming for the jackpot, while others may enjoy staking their own amount of cash on a wager of their choosing. No matter which way you like to play Irish Lotto, the goal is the same: winning big and changing your life forever.

8th May 2015