Congratulations to Saturday's Lotto Diamond winners

Congratulations to Saturday's Lotto Diamond winners

Last night we saw winners on the Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 take home an extra €100,000 each for match 5 numbers and the bonus ball – a special Valentine’s gift from the Irish Lottery! With no jackpot winner on the main Lotto draw the second prize was definitely one worth chasing and two players managed to take home a €125,000 jackpot each!

In the Lotto Plus 1 a lucky winner was found for the big jackpot of €350,000 and just one player took advantage of the bonus diamonds prize and bagged themselves €103,500 to sparkle all the way to the bank.

Lotto Plus 2 didn’t pay out for the main jackpot but three players each managed to match 5 plus the bonus giving them a big bling jackpot of €102,500 each!

Men or women, diamonds really were Irish Lottery players best friends this weekend and it was a fantastic treat for Valentine’s Day and we are sure there were plenty of hearts racing checking their winning numbers this weekend!

If you aren’t sure how you faired in this weekend’s draws then why not use our results checker (click here) which will automatically check your numbers and let you know if you are a winner and if you are, how much you will be taking to the bank!

13th February 2011