Cork EuroMillions Winner ‘Always Knew’ He’d Land Big Prize

Cork EuroMillions Winner ‘Always Knew’ He’d Land Big Prize

A family from Cork has pointed to the ‘power of positive thinking’ after collecting a EuroMillions Plus prize worth €500,000. The winning ticket belonged to the father, who had always been confident that a big lottery win would come his way, and he is now looking forward to sharing it equally with his loved ones. 

The lucky man became the 23rd winner of the EuroMillions Plus jackpot this year, matching the numbers 5, 20, 29, 35 and 44 in the draw on Friday 11th October. He bought his entry at Easons in Mahon Point Shopping Centre, giving the store its second €500,000 winner in the space of two years.

He wasted little time in coming forward to claim his prize, bringing his family with him to National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. They have decided to remain anonymous and are determined to carry on leading normal lives, but they are grateful for the opportunities this money will provide.

And the fortunate dad never doubted that this day would arrive at some point, having played the lottery all his life. “I have always known always known that I’d end up at Lottery HQ collecting a big cheque. Today really is a dream come true for me and what better way to celebrate this win than to share it with my family.

"We certainly won’t be going mad buying any fancy cars or anything like that. The family are all at different stages of their own lives so having this prize to share equally among us will enable us to do our own thing and give us all the opportunity to make some nice changes in our lives.”

Recalling how the rest of the family found out about the big win, one member of the group said that the dad was convinced even before they had found out that the jackpot had gone to someone in Mahon. 

They said: “I checked my phone and lo and behold there was a winning ticket sold in Cork and he was laughing away to himself, he just knew it was him. We popped off to our local shop shortly after to have the ticket checked but in truth, we probably didn’t even need to check it because he was so certain it was our ticket. There’s certainly some truth in the power of positive thinking.”

A Big Year For EuroMillions

The Cork family’s success last Friday was followed by another EuroMillions Plus jackpot winner - the 24th of the year - on Tuesday 15th October. This was the third draw in a row in which the top prize has been given away.

More than €240 million has been won by EuroMillions players in Ireland since the start of the year, with EuroMillions Plus offering an extra way to snap up big prizes. The odds of landing €500,000 are better than the chances of winning the main jackpot, while it is possible to win prizes on both games on the same night. 

A remarkable month for EuroMillions has also seen one UK player land €190 million - the joint-biggest of all time - back on Tuesday 8th October. If you want to take part in the next EuroMillions draw, you can enter online now or head down to a lucky store like the family from Cork.

18th October 2019