Could You Be About to Miss Out on a Huge EuroMillions Prize?

Could You Be About to Miss Out on a Huge EuroMillions Prize?

Time is quickly running out for a handful of Irish EuroMillions players to collect their prizes, as more than €1 million currently sits unclaimed in the vaults at National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. A combination of prizes from the main draw and the supplementary EuroMillions Plus game are just waiting to be claimed. Find out if you could be about to miss out on a huge cash prize.

Every year, EuroMillions players in Ireland win millions of Euros in prize money, however, there are still some rewards that go unclaimed. Players who purchased their entries in the Emerald Isle have 90 days from the date of the winning draw in which to claim their prizes, regardless of the amount they won. So whether you have picked up €5 or €50 million, players have exactly the same amount of time in which to come forward. However, there are still plenty of winners who fail to contact lottery officials before the deadline passes.

Unclaimed Prizes

There are currently three huge prizes awaiting collection before the end of 2017, two of which are worth over €300,000. The first prize on offer was won in the draw on Tuesday 19th September by a player who purchased their ticket in Cork. The prosperous player, who matched the numbers 1, 8, 21, 30 and 45, stands to receive an incredible €29,526 and must claim their prize by close of play on Saturday 18th December.

Another player who could be set to miss out on a colossal sum of money is a ticket holder who bought their entry from the Kilmoon Service Station in Ashbourne, Meath. The lucky ticket holder, whose good fortune could be about to run dry, matched the numbers 17, 31, 37, 40 and 46 to secure a EuroMillions Plus jackpot of €500,000.

Following the win, Irma Fimkute, the store’s manager, spoke to reports: “As news spreads throughout the town, we have been inundated with our customers who are checking their tickets in the hope that they are one of the lucky winners,” she said.

In an effort to find the victor, Irma issued a rallying call to all players in the local area: “We would urge all of our customers to check their tickets carefully and we wish them all the very best with their huge win.” The prize expires on Christmas Day, so they will need to come forward before the end of the business day on Friday 22nd December.

Just days later, a prize of €320,208 could expire if its rightful recipient fails to emerge. Purchased in the Spar store on Navan Road in Dublin, the prize-winning EuroMillions ticket correctly matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to land the six-figure sum in the draw on Friday 29th September. The claimant has until Thursday 28th December to claim their reward.

Check Your Tickets

If you think that you could be due a substantial sum of EuroMillions cash, head to the Unclaimed Prizes page to view the very latest rewards. You can avoid missing out on EuroMillions prizes by regularly and carefully checking your numbers after every draw.

Join the Fun This Friday

If you haven’t won a EuroMillions reward yet, fear not, as this Friday’s jackpot is worth a massive €28 million. Simply select your numbers online or pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer across the Republic. Best of luck!

1st November 2017