Could You Become Ireland’s Biggest EuroMillions Winner?

Could You Become Ireland’s Biggest EuroMillions Winner?

An Irish player could be set to make history this week after the EuroMillions jackpot climbed to an extraordinary €135 million. Nobody from the country has ever scooped such a large prize, but ticket holders will be buoyed by a number of recent big wins and the dream of bagging a substantial sum of money just before Christmas.

Record EuroMillions Winner

The record for Ireland’s biggest win stands at €115.4 million, and belongs to Dolores McNamara. A part-time cleaner, McNamara snapped up the nine-figure EuroMillions jackpot on 29th July 2005, and the high mark is still waiting to be surpassed.

There have been a few bigger jackpots given away to players in other countries, and the cap of €190 million  has been reached on three occasions. Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK scooped €190 million in August 2012, before a Portuguese player equalled the feat in October 2014 and then a Spanish ticket holder did the same in October of this year.

EuroMillions Plus

Ireland has still been able to enjoy considerable success over the years, and EuroMillions Plus has brought even more joy to players’ lives since it was launched in 2007. There was another winner of the EuroMillions Plus top prize on Friday night, snapping up a magical €500,000.

The winning ticket was bought in the Tesco Supermarket on the Maynooth Road in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. Pat O’Sullivan, the manager of the store, said: “It’s great for the Celbridge area, especially in the lead up to Christmas. I have no idea who it is. We have lots of regular customers and at this time of the year, with business being a lot busier, it may be someone from further afield. But I really hope it’s a local here in Celbridge. I hope the winner or winners put the money to good use."

Choose Numbers

If you would like to try and win Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot, you can take part now by either choosing numbers online or going to an authorised retailer. It could just be that you become Ireland’s biggest winner. Good luck!

18th December 2017