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Daily Million – A New Irish Lottery Game

Daily Million – A New Irish Lottery Game

If you are wondering where the Monday Million results are for this week then look no further as this lottery game has been replaced by a much more exciting game. There is a new Irish Lottery game in town called the Daily Million which is far more exciting than Monday Million. This is because it gives players the chance to win a cool €1 million not just once a week but every day of the week – so if you fancy seven chances to win €1 million every week then the Daily Million is a game for you, but how does this game work?

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Well this game is simple; a lottery every day which has a top prize of €1 million. You play the Daily Million just like other Irish Lotteries either online or from a retailer. Just select six numbers from a choice of 1 to 39 and match all of those six to win the top prize.

In addition to the Daily Million top prize there are also six additional prizes on offer to win and you can start to become a winner just from matching three numbers. Just like the Monday Million had an additional game the Daily Million also has the Daily Million Plus. This extra game comes at an additional fee to play however it uses the same numbers you entered into the main draw and gives you the chance to win seven prizes with the top prize being €500,000.

There aren’t a lot of lotteries out there that give you the chance to win every day of the week so if you fancy the sound of this lottery get your tickets now you never know you could just strike lucky!

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19th September 2012