Dublin Couple Shocked To Discover Big EuroMillions Plus Win

Dublin Couple Shocked To Discover Big EuroMillions Plus Win

A couple from Dublin have revealed they were thrilled when they thought they had won a €5,000 National Lottery prize, only to discover that they had actually landed the €500,000 EuroMillions Plus jackpot.

The married winners bought their EuroMillions ticket at Dunnes Stores in the Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght, Dublin 24, for the draw on Friday 28th February. They checked later to see whether they had won and their app said they had, instructing them to contact the National Lottery to start the claims process.

Unsure quite how much they had won, they came to the conclusion that they had matched one of the Ireland Only Raffle codes worth €5,000 each. The husband recalled: “We started comparing our numbers on our ticket to the actual results and we forgot to check the EuroMillions Plus draw.

“We just assumed that we were one of the raffle winners and I swear, we were absolutely thrilled with the five grand! Little did we know we had won 100 times that amount.”

They only realised the true extent of their win when the husband noticed a story on Facebook about the local Dunnes Stores selling a ticket worth €500,000. He said: “My jaw absolutely dropped when I came across the story about Dunnes selling a big EuroMillions winner. I knew that we had bought our ticket there and it was just too much of a coincidence for it not to be us.

“After frantically checking our ticket once again, we finally realised we had won the half million-euro prize. We’re still getting over the shock.”

The winning couple will use the money to safeguard their financial future and enjoy themselves, but they will put their family above all other considerations. He said: “The most important thing to us is to help our family.

“Of course, we’ll be paying off our own mortgage and whatever bills we have ourselves but after all that, we will be putting a plan together to help all our families out in whatever way we can. However, we won’t be making any decision before we pack our bags to go on a decent sun holiday.”

How EuroMillions Plus Works

EuroMillions Plus is a game that can be played alongside EuroMillions but not on its own. When you buy a ticket for the main game, you can opt to enter EuroMillions Plus for the cost of €1 extra per line.

The five main numbers you select for EuroMillions are then put into a separate draw for EuroMillions Plus, with the Lucky Stars not required. Five winning EuroMillions Plus numbers are selected at random, and you win prizes for matching three or more numbers.

You win €500,000 if you match all five numbers, even if there are other winners, and then have 90 days to come forward and claim your prize. You can find the latest winning numbers alongside the EuroMillions Results after every draw.

6th March 2020