Dublin Irish Lotto Winner Will Return to Work After €11.3 Million Success

Dublin Irish Lotto Winner Will Return to Work After €11.3 Million Success

The winner of Saturday’s €11.3 million Irish Lotto jackpot has revealed that he will return to work after taking a short break to celebrate his family’s extraordinary windfall. The civil servant told lottery officials “I enjoy what I do, so the win won’t force me into early retirement just yet” as he and his wife picked up their giant cheque.

The couple visited Irish National Lottery headquarters on Abbey St Lower in Dublin today, less than ten minutes from the Top Service Station on Amiens Street at which they bought their lucky ticket before Saturday’s draw. They chose to remain anonymous, but excitedly said that they are now looking forward to a “memorable Christmas.” The husband admitted, “this win will mean so much to all of our family and close friends. There are so many things we want to do for our loved ones which we may not have been in a position to do last week."

The pair matched the winning numbers 2, 6, 21, 23, 29 and 44 on Saturday 3rd December to bring to an end a run of 17 rollovers that dated back to the beginning of October. The pair were blissfully unaware of their good fortune throughout Sunday, enjoying a family meal and sitting down to watch the football, until the husband heard the location of the shop that sold the winning ticket on a news bulletin.

"I got the ticket and I went upstairs to my wife and I calmly asked her to check the numbers on her phone. She had the National Lottery App so I called out the numbers to her, one by one,” he recalled, “as we confirmed the fourth number, I just knew we’d won. We still spent the entire evening checking and rechecking to make sure that we hadn’t made a mistake."

The winners will now look forward to a long haul holiday befitting their new status as multimillionaires, but the husband’s association with local sporting groups means they are unlikely to be sipping champagne on a tropical beach until August at the earliest.

For your chance to live the millionaire lifestyle, you can play Irish Lotto online or buy tickets at authorised retailers across the Republic. Saturday’s jackpot is worth €2.5 million - good luck!

8th December 2016