Dublin ‘Rat Pack’ Syndicate Collects Irish Lotto Prize

Dublin ‘Rat Pack’ Syndicate Collects Irish Lotto Prize

A syndicate of 12 work colleagues from Dublin has come forward to claim an Irish Lotto prize of €500,000. Members of the group, known as the ‘Rat Pack’ are now looking forward to spending the money on everything from holidays to house deposits.

The office syndicate has been running for almost 30 years but had never had a big win until Saturday 12th August, when one ticket scooped the top prize in Irish Lotto Plus 1. “Luckily our boss was in the syndicate so he gave us all a half day,” said the syndicate leader as the group collected its prize from Irish National Lottery headquarters.

The group leader admitted that it was hard to convince everyone that they had won, particularly one man who was on holiday and was asked to come into the office to sign the ticket. “He was convinced it was just an elaborate prank to get him back into work,” said the spokesperson.

The syndicate leader described the Lotto win as a ‘fantastic amount to share together’, but did insist that some money would also be put aside for the rest of their work colleagues so that they could celebrate properly with them.

Irish Lotto Plus 1 offers a top prize of €500,000 in every draw, unlike the main Irish Lotto game where the jackpot keeps growing if it is not won. There will be €9.5 million up for grabs in Saturday’s Irish Lotto, and you can try to win by choosing numbers online or visiting any authorised retailer in Ireland. Good luck!

25th August 2017