Enormous €130 Million Jackpot up for Grabs in Tomorrow’s Superdraw

Enormous €130 Million Jackpot up for Grabs in Tomorrow’s Superdraw

The first EuroMillions Superdraw of the year takes place on Friday 20th April, with a massive €130 Million jackpot on offer. The Superdraw could potentially lead to record prizes if it’s not won on the night, but only one person from Ireland has previously won a EuroMillions Superdraw. Is another Irish win overdue?

All you Need to Know About Superdraws

The EuroMillions Superdraw will take place at approximately 21:00 CEST (20:00 BST) on Friday 20th April. It is like a standard EuroMillions draw in every way, except that the jackpot prize on offer is much larger. To win the jackpot, players must match all five numbers and both Lucky Stars drawn in the lottery, but prizes start for matching one ball and both Lucky Stars.

If the jackpot isn’t won on the night of the Superdraw, it will roll over to the next one, just like any other draw. The jackpot is capped at €190 million, and it reached this value after the last Superdraw in September, when it was won by a single player from Spain.

Previous EuroMillions Winners

The only Irish winner of a Superdraw claimed a share of one of its largest ever jackpots on 7th June 2013. The player, who remained anonymous, split a jackpot prize of €187 million with another ticket holder from Belgium, taking home €94 million. Overnight, the player became the 96th richest person in Ireland at the time.

That might be the only Superdraw jackpot claimed by a player from Ireland, but the Emerald Isle is home to eleven other winners of the top EuroMillions prize. The final EuroMillions draw of 2017 took place on 29th December, and a single ticket from Ireland won the €38.9 million jackpot. In January 2017, an anonymous syndicate landed a sizeable jackpot of €88.5 million.

Dolores McNamara is one of the most famous winners in the history of EuroMillions. The cleaning lady from Limerick won a €115 million jackpot in 2005, the biggest lottery jackpot ever seen in Europe until then. The win prompted huge interest from the media, and at the time, it was believed that McNamara would earn €3 million a year just from the interest accrued from the nine-figure sum.

How to Play EuroMillions

If you’ve never played the EuroMillions lottery before, a Superdraw is the perfect place to start, as it is guaranteed to offer some of the biggest prizes of the year. It's easy to play, and you can either enter online or at authorised retailers across Ireland. Online syndicates offer better odds of winning, as you will have a share in more lines of lottery numbers. Any prizes that are won are split between syndicate members, but with a jackpot as large as €130 Million, this would still be a sizeable sum.

Players in Ireland have 90 days from the date of the draw to claim any prizes, and they can only be claimed in the country in which the winning ticket was purchased. Any prize money left unclaimed is returned to the Irish National Lottery and used to promote its games, with the aim of raising money for good causes. See below to find out how to claim EuroMillions prizes, whether you play online or through authorised retailers:


  • Up to €99 - Paid directly into your online account.
  • Between €100 and €500 - Prizes are sent by cheque to your registered home address.
  • Between €501 and €9,999 - Prizes are paid by cheque once a claim form has been completed.
  • Over €10,000 - Prizes must be collected in person from National Lottery headquarters in Dublin. A cheque will be presented once the win has been validated.


  • Up to €100 - Smaller prizes can be claimed from any authorised lottery retailer. Some retailers can also pay out prizes of up to €2,500 if funds are available.
  • Between €100 and €15,000 - Visit any lottery claim centre around the country to pick up your prize.
  • Over €15,000 - Visit the lottery headquarters in Dublin to claim your prize. Alternatively, you can claim lower awards by sending your ticket by post* to lottery headquarters.
  • If you have won the jackpot, the Match 5+1 Star prize or the top EuroMillions Plus award of €500,000, ring the Irish National Lottery straight away on (01) 836 4444.

*When claiming by post, it’s highly recommended to send the winning ticket by recorded delivery, as the National Lottery will not be liable for any loss or damage that might render the claim invalid. It’s also advisable to sign the back of winning lottery tickets before claiming prizes.


19th April 2018