EuroMillions and Irish Lotto Offer Combined €239 Million

EuroMillions and Irish Lotto Offer Combined €239 Million

There is more than €239 million available in jackpot money alone this week, as Ireland’s two biggest lotteries both have record prizes on offer. What’s more, you could also win larger awards than normal in some of the lower tiers due to the jackpot caps in operation.

Online Lotto Millionaire

An online player from Co Sligo became a Lotto millionaire on Saturday night without even matching all the numbers, as there was €1.2 million in the prize pool for the second category.

The jackpot has had to be capped for the last few draws, at €19.06 million, and it will remain fixed at this level until there is a winner. The funds that would usually go towards making the jackpot even larger are passed down to the highest level in which there is at least one winner. On Saturday there was just one ticket holder who matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, so they received a seven-figure payout.

The last time the Lotto jackpot was won was back in early June, and in the intervening period it has grown from its minimum amount of €2 million to the largest of all time, knocking an €18.9 million win from June 2008 off the top spot.

“And the jackpot roll continues,” said an Irish Lottery spokesperson. “We certainly are in unprecedented territory as we reach the four-month mark of the current jackpot roll.

"The excitement levels continue to grow daily as players the length and breadth of the country hope to see themselves added to the top of the list of all-time highest Lotto winners ever.”

Record EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot has reached its maximum jackpot of €220 million far more quickly, having last been won just over a month ago on 7th September.

It was given a helping hand when a Superdraw was scheduled for 24th September, increasing the jackpot to €130 million. With tickets sold in eight other participating countries as well as Ireland, the top prize has continued to grow swiftly and is now at the point where it cannot go higher.

Just like in Irish Lotto, the money that would usually go to the top prize will go to the highest category in which there are winners for now. However, the jackpot can only stay at €220 million for a maximum of four draws.

If the game remains without a jackpot winner, there is a guarantee that it will be paid out in the fifth draw at €220 million, even if the money has to flow down and be split between players in the category below the jackpot. 

The largest EuroMillions prize ever won in Ireland went to a family syndicate from The Naul in Co Dublin. They bagged a jackpot of €175 million in February 2019.

Even if you miss out on this week’s big jackpots, there are still lots of other ways to win in both games, as well as the associated Lotto Plus and EuroMillions Plus games. Get involved now for your chance to win.

12th October 2021