EuroMillions Enters New Era as Changes Take Effect

EuroMillions Enters New Era as Changes Take Effect

A momentous EuroMillions draw will take place tonight after a number of changes were made to the game to generate more excitement and bigger regular jackpots. Tickets went on sale for the new EuroMillions after the last game on Friday 23rd September, when a player from France won €23.8 million.

One of the new features that has been introduced is an increase in the minimum jackpot, so there will now be a top prize of €17 million on offer in this evening’s draw even though the top prize was won on Friday. Other changes include the addition of an extra Lucky Star, so you will now choose two from a choice of 12, alongside the usual five main numbers between 1 and 50.

The new Ireland Only Raffle will also guarantee that 10 ticket holders will win €5,000 in every draw, while the launch of the EuroMillionaires Raffle will create even more millionaires across all nine participating countries a couple of times a year, with the first draw set to be held on Friday 28th October. Exciting Superdraws are also set to take place, starting this Friday night, when the jackpot will jump to a gigantic €130 million regardless of whether or not it is won this evening.

EuroMillions Plus will remain unchanged, giving players yet another opportunity to win big in an instant. Four players have won the top prize in this popular supplementary game already this month, including one ticket holder in the last draw on Friday. A family from Co. Louth have also come forward to collect the €500,000 they won on EuroMillions Plus on Friday 9th September, having bought their ticket as usual while they were doing their grocery shopping.

The winners have decided to remain anonymous, but did reveal on their visit to National Lottery headquarters how they plan to use the money. The husband and father said: “This win is all about our kids. We will invest in some property and get our children onto the property ladder and give them the best start to their adult life.”

Whether you want to land a EuroMillions Plus prize, snap up a windfall on the Ireland Only Raffle or scoop tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot, you have to buy a ticket to be in with a chance. Entries can be purchased via authorised retailers in Ireland or online through the Tickets section, and you could just play your part in a big night in the game’s history if you win. Good luck!

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