EuroMillions Millionaire Guaranteed in Ireland on Friday 5th July

EuroMillions Millionaire Guaranteed in Ireland on Friday 5th July

A special edition of the Ireland Only Raffle will take place on Friday 5th July, with one player guaranteed to win a prize of €1 million. There is also a EuroMillions jackpot of €75 million up for grabs, making it one of the most exciting draws of the year.

First €1 Million Ireland Only Raffle Draw of 2019

The Ireland Only Raffle is a game played every Tuesday and Friday alongside the main EuroMillions draw. You are automatically entered into the raffle at no extra cost when you buy a EuroMillions ticket, with one code generated for each line of numbers you play.

Each unique code consists of nine characters - four letters and five numbers. Ten winning codes are selected at random and each ticket holder receives €5,000 in a regular draw. However, sometimes a promotional event is scheduled such as the one on Friday, in which one of the ten raffle winners is selected at random to receive an extra €1 million.

The total payout for one lucky player in the next draw will therefore be €1,005,000, with the other nine receiving their €5,000 as normal. This is the first time in 2019 that a €1 million draw will go ahead, following five last year and four in 2017.

The Ireland Only Raffle only launched in September 2016 to go along with a number of other changes to EuroMillions, such as the starting jackpot going up from €15 million to €17 million and the number of Lucky Stars increasing from 11 to 12.

There is no extra cost to playing the Ireland Only Raffle, as it is included in the price of a EuroMillions ticket. When you pay €2.50 for a single line on EuroMillions, €2.20 goes towards entering the main draw and €0.30 is for the raffle. The full raffle prize fund is not normally required to pay all the winners in regular draws, so the remainder is kept in reserve for special promotions.

Better Odds of Becoming a Millionaire

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160, but the chances of becoming a millionaire this Friday are significantly better thanks to the Ireland Only Raffle. The odds do not depend on how many number combinations are possible but how many tickets are sold in Ireland.

Only the codes that have been generated for the raffle are entered into the draw, so one player is sure to win. As there are nine other winning codes of €5,000, your chances of landing one of the raffle prizes are 10x better than if there was just one.

The only way a millionaire will not be created is if the winning ticket holder fails to come forward in time. You have 90 days to claim any prizes won in Ireland, so make sure you check your numbers and your raffle code against the EuroMillions Results after the draw.

3rd July 2019