EuroMillions Raffle Set for Friday 3rd February

EuroMillions Raffle Set for Friday 3rd February

A Euromillions Raffle has been scheduled for Friday 3rd February, giving players in Ireland an even better chance than normal to become a millionaire.

The EuroMillionaire’s Raffle works a bit like an expanded version of the Ireland Only Raffle, with everyone taking part from across the nine participating countries.

Anyone who buys a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on 3rd February will receive a random alphanumeric code - with four letters and five numbers. In Ireland, this will just be your usual raffle code, so it will always start with an ‘I’ and your ticket will look the same as normal.

The Ireland Only Raffle will be held as usual, with ten players guaranteed to win €5,000 each, but there will also be the excitement of the Europe-wide raffle.

The raffle will see 100 winning codes selected at random from all those that have been generated across the continent. Each one will be worth €1 million, so if you match any of the codes exactly you will instantly become a millionaire.

There is no way of knowing how many of the codes will start with an ‘I’ and create a new millionaire in Ireland. It is entirely random, so there could be anywhere between 0 and 100.

In the last EuroMillions Raffle, in January 2022, there were three Irish players who snapped up €1 million.

It does not cost any extra to take part in the EuroMillions Raffle. You will be automatically included if you purchase a ticket for the game on 3rd February.

You may end up winning a prize in the Ireland Only Raffle, the EuroMillions Raffle, the main draw, or even get more than one prize.

Go to the EuroMillions Results page as soon as the draw has taken place to see all the latest winning numbers.

Written by , 23rd January 2023