EuroMillions Superdraw to Offer €130 Million on 25th September

EuroMillions Superdraw to Offer €130 Million on 25th September

The next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on Friday 25th September and will put a jackpot of €130 million up for grabs. Find out more about the special event and how it could create another of Ireland’s biggest winners.

Superdraws - also known as Megadraws - increase the jackpot to a guaranteed nine-figure amount. It doesn’t matter if the top prize is much lower in the previous draw or even if it has just been won - the advertised figure will be offered on the scheduled date.

Superdraws are announced well in advance so you know when the huge jackpot will be available.There’s no excuse for not getting your entries in!

The money for Superdraws comes from the Reserve Fund, which receives a percentage of the prize fund in every draw so that special promotions can be held. If nobody wins the jackpot in a Superdraw, it rolls over as normal and you can play for an even larger amount in the following draw.

Why Superdraws Are Now Even More Exciting

Superdraws have been around since 2007 and always make for some of the most exciting EuroMillions events of the year. However, they now have the potential to be better than ever following a number of changes that were made to the game at the beginning of February.

For starters, there will now always be three Megadraws a year. There have been an average of two a year in recent times, but this frequency is now set to go up and the upcoming draw will be the third of its kind already in 2020. A Spanish player won €130 million on 7th February, while the next Superdraw in July rolled over before another ticket holder from Spain won €144 million.

A bigger percentage of the prize fund is now also going to the jackpot in every draw. This means that if there is a rollover in the Superdraw, the jackpot can be expected to increase more quickly from draw to draw until it is won.

The jackpot cap has been pushed up from €190 million to €200 million, so it might be that the largest prize in history could be won in the next few weeks. The jackpot can stay at its maximum amount for up to four draws, but in the fifth draw at €200 million it would have to be won.

Big Irish Winners

Irish players have enjoyed success in previous Superdraws, most notably in February 2019. The jackpot rolled over on the night and continued to grow for a few more draws, but when it finally fell it was to a family syndicate from The Naul. They claimed €175 million to become the country’s biggest-ever lottery winners.

A ticket holder from Ireland also shared a €187 million jackpot with someone from Belgium following a Superdraw in June 2013.

The most recent Irish winner was a woman from Dublin who claimed her €49 million jackpot anonymously. She banked her prize in the draw on 21st July and came forward almost three weeks later, revealing that she was still in a state of shock but was determined to help her friends and family.

She was Ireland’s 18th EuroMillions winner, and it could be that No.19 is just around the corner. Check the EuroMillions Results after every draw to see if your numbers come up.

16th September 2020