Five Millionaires Guaranteed In Ireland In EuroMillions ‘Fortnight of Fortunes’

Five Millionaires Guaranteed In Ireland In EuroMillions ‘Fortnight of Fortunes’

The Irish Lottery is holding a series of five special EuroMillions Ireland Only Raffle draws between 3rd and 13th November, each of which will guarantee that at least one player in Ireland will become a millionaire. 

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Five Raffles In Two Weeks

The event, which the Irish Lottery has dubbed the ‘Fortnight of Fortunes’, will see a special edition of the Ireland Only Raffle take place on 3rd November, 6th November, 10th November and 13th November. One player is guaranteed to win €1 million on each of the first three dates, and then two prizes of €1 million will be guaranteed in the final raffle of the promotion.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the million-euro prizes, all you have to do is buy a ticket for the EuroMillions draw on the relevant date. You get one raffle code for every line of EuroMillions numbers you purchase and you’ll find your codes beneath the numbers on your ticket.

When the raffle takes place, 10 winning codes are selected from all those generated and each ticket holder with a matching code wins €5,000. In the special raffles due to take place on 3rd, 6th, and 10th November, the 10 winning codes will then be entered into a second draw, in which one code will be selected as the winner of €1 million. In the raffle on 13th November, two codes will be drawn from the 10 initial winners, and both of those codes will carry a €1 million prize.

All of the winning raffle codes will be available to view via the EuroMillions Results page, straight after each draw. Just select the ‘Prize Breakdown’ button to see a list of the winning codes, in addition to the numbers from the EuroMillions draw.

History of the Ireland Only Raffle

The Ireland Only Raffle takes place alongside every EuroMillions draw, and the Irish Lottery regularly holds special versions of the raffle to give away millions in prize money. The upcoming ‘Fortnight of Fortunes’ is the biggest event of its kind to ever be held in the three years that the raffle has been offered.

The first Ireland Only Raffle took place on 27th September 2016 and used the current format, offering 10 winning codes worth €5,000 each. This version of the raffle has taken place in every EuroMillions draw since, with a few exceptions when special raffles have been held, such as those that will take place during the Irish Lottery’s ‘Fortnight of Fortunes’.

The first special edition of the raffle took place on 17th February 2017, and the winning ticket for the historic draw was purchased in County Leitrim. At least two special raffles have taken place every year since then, but at no point has €5 million been given away in the space of two weeks, until now.

In August 2020, two million-euro prizes were given away in raffles in the same week, for the first time ever. The winners of both of those raffles were from County Cork. The only time the format of the Ireland Only raffle has differed was on 26th October 2018. On that occasion, the 10 raffle winners each received a 10 percent share of  €1 million on top of the standard €5,000 prize, so each winner took home €105,000 in total.

Written by , 2nd November 2020