How Playing EuroMillions Plus is Spelling Success for More Irish EuroMillions Fans

How Playing EuroMillions Plus is Spelling Success for More Irish EuroMillions Fans

It is the dream of EuroMillions fans across Ireland to pick up a colossal jackpot and add their name to the ever-growing list of pan-European lottery winners. However, once the numbers have been drawn and you have failed to match all five main digits and both Lucky Stars, the draw is over, right? Not necessarily.

Instead of simply waiting for the next draw, lottery lovers of the Emerald Isle are turning their collective attention to the EuroMillions Plus draw as they eye a taste of supplementary success. This year may have proved to be one to cheer as the country crowned its 11th EuroMillions jackpot winner and saw Irish fans surpass the €1 billion mark in terms of the total amount of money claimed in EuroMillions prizes, but players have also been enjoying plenty of prosperity when playing EuroMillions Plus.

The bonus game, which is available to play for a small additional fee and gives players a second opportunity to win big in the form of a €500,000 jackpot, recently awarded its top prize to a 15th lucky ticket holder in 2017 alone. This is certainly something to get excited about, especially given that at the same stage last year, only 12 players had managed to get their hands on the half a million Euro reward. In fact, this year’s total is only ten shy of eclipsing the number of EuroMillions Plus winners in the entirety of 2016.

Friday’s winning numbers were 2, 6, 12, 26 and 48 and the lucky ticket holder bought their ticket a day prior to the draw from Dunnes Stores in Ashleaf Shopping Centre in Crumlin. They now have less than 90 days to claim their prize. “Irish EuroMillions players are certainly enjoying an incredible run of luck,” National Lottery Chief Executive Dermot Griffin told reporters as news of the win broke.

Of course, the major attraction for EuroMillions fans ahead of this Friday’s draw will be the €57 million jackpot, entry for which can be gained by picking your numbers online or by playing through an authorised retailer, however, don’t forget to tick the EuroMillions Plus option for an extra chance to win big this weekend. Who knows, you could become the 16th winner of this life-changing prize. Good luck!

27th July 2017