How to Play After Coronavirus Forces Betting Shops To Shut

How to Play After Coronavirus Forces Betting Shops To Shut

The coronavirus outbreak is preventing people from enjoying Irish Lotto and other games as they would do normally. However, you can still take part without purchasing tickets from a lottery retailer or going to a betting shop. Find out more about how to play online during the pandemic.

Countries around the world have been increasing restrictions on the movement of citizens to try and slow the spread of Covid-19. In Ireland, measures have been introduced so that you can only leave home for specific reasons such as essential work, buying necessary supplies and caring for the vulnerable. It is a similar situation across much of Europe, including the UK.

The changes to everyday life have meant that Irish Lotto is not so easily available for people who usually prefer to take part offline. Betting shops have closed, while many lottery retailers may also have shut down temporarily. Even if they remain open, it is safest to get involved online.

Betting Online Rather Than Bookmakers

Whether you normally buy an Irish Lotto ticket from a store or bet on the results of draws at a betting shop, the best alternative during the current crisis is to go online.

It is a simple process which just requires you to choose six numbers from 1 to 47. If you match at least two main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, you win a prize. Match all six main numbers and you will pocket the multimillion-Euro jackpot.

When you bet online, you do not have to worry about losing your numbers as you would with a paper ticket or a betting slip. You will also be notified automatically if you win.

Claiming Prizes

Another advantage of choosing numbers online is that payments will be transferred straight into your online lottery account if you win. If you have bought a ticket from a retailer, the National Lottery has confirmed that some restrictions have now been introduced at its headquarters in Abbey Street in Dublin.

All winners should now contact the lottery’s claims team to make an appointment before they visit the Abbey Street headquarters, with staff working remotely and only a limited team staying on-site.

There is a 90-day deadline for claiming prizes on all Irish games, so you should respect the current restrictions and not come forward until the situation has improved.

If you have previously placed a wager at a betting shop and won a prize, you will not be able to claim a prize from an official lottery retailer because you have not actually bought a ticket. You will need to wait until the bookmaker reopens or contact them online.

Draws are scheduled to continue as normal for all Irish National Lottery games. This includes EuroMillions, even though draws take place in France. If any changes are announced in the future, will publish the news straight away. In the meantime, you can go to the Irish Lottery Results page to see the latest winning numbers.

26th March 2020