How You Could Become a Millionaire Without Winning the EuroMillions Jackpot

How You Could Become a Millionaire Without Winning the EuroMillions Jackpot

This Tuesday, one EuroMillions ticket holder could receive a cheque for €190 million, a sum that would see them become one of the biggest prize winners in the game’s history. However, only a few lucky players ever match all seven numbers, so how can you become a millionaire without winning the jackpot?

Missing Out on the Jackpot

In the majority of EuroMillions draws, a handful of players from across the continent go within a whisker of capturing the jackpot by matching five main numbers and one of the two Lucky Stars. In fact, in Friday’s draw no less than seven ticket holders were one number away from securing the €178.9 million jackpot, only to miss out by one number. Players who find themselves in this situation are handsomely rewarded (€320,208 each in the case of Friday’s draw) but are no doubt left wondering what could have been.

Jackpot Cap

Following the latest rollover, the jackpot reached its cap of €190 million, the maximum value any EuroMillions prize can reach before the total can increase no further. Once the prize hits this mark, it can roll over for four more draws before it must be won. Should a situation occur in which no player is able to match the numbers required to win, the jackpot will roll down and be shared amongst the winners in the next highest prize tier. This means that players in the Match 5+1 tier could become incredibly rich.

But I Want to be a Millionaire Now

Of course, there are still a number of draws before this scenario could become reality, and it’s entirely possible that the jackpot will be won in that time. However, it is still possible to become a millionaire before that time, again by securing a Match 5+1 reward.

As the jackpot cap has now been activated, no more money can be added to the top prize; this means that any excess funds must be passed down to the next prize tier. This is great news for those who don’t quite meet the requirements to become a EuroMillions jackpot winner.  

Evidence of this can be seen by casting an eye back to August 2012, as the jackpot hit its maximum total for the first time. In the draw leading up to the jackpot being claimed, players in the game’s second highest prize tier were treated to rewards worth over €2 million, before 14 players clinched €2.6 million in the next draw.

How Do I Win?

If you would like to become a EuroMillions millionaire, there’s no better time to take part. You can select your numbers online or pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer across the Republic. Good luck!


2nd October 2017

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