Internet Changes How People Win the Irish National Lottery

Internet Changes How People Win the Irish National Lottery

There probably isn’t a person above the age of thirty in Europe or the United States who has not, at some point, walked into their local lotto retailer and bought a ticket. This sort of thing has been going on for decades and is now cemented into western culture. For those who play the Irish National Lottery this dynamic may be changing as more and more people buy their winning tickets in cyberspace instead of trudging off to physically purchase a slip of paper that may very well represent their fiscal future.

Irish Lottery Tickets

Recently, a Dublin couple purchased a €10 Quickpick ticket by using the Irish National Lottery’s “Play Online” service, and had their lives changed completely. The ticket bought in cyberspace turned out to be worth €632,452 as the Dublin couple had matched 5 numbers and the Lucky Star. Online winners are becoming more and more common. This is the second time this year that a high value prize has been won by a ticket purchased in cyberspace. Back in February a gentleman from Lucky Cork collected €5,513,556 on an online ticket purchase.

There are a number of reasons that there is a spike in online Irish National Lottery winners. We live in a world where online gambling and internet poker are universally accepted and legitimate forms of gaming. People have become desensitized to the idea of using the internet for these purposes. Buying lottery tickets online is simply a natural extension of a vibrant internet gaming culture. Add to that the convience of buying online instead of having to physically leave the home and buy the tickets and the fact that you can’t lose an online ticket and you have a situation that many Irish National Lottery fans will appreciate. As we go into 2011 there will probably be even more winner s from the ranks of those who use the “Play Online” service.

16th November 2010