Ireland Only Raffle Christmas Promotion Begins

Ireland Only Raffle Christmas Promotion Begins

An Ireland Only Raffle promotion is underway, giving EuroMillions players in Ireland the opportunity to win far bigger prizes than usual. 

From Tuesday 15th November to Friday 23rd December, every EuroMillions draw will feature an enhanced raffle draw alongside it, with €600,000 set to be given away in each one rather than the standard €60,000.

A spokesperson for the lottery said: “We’re certainly in the Christmas spirit as we announce this latest event, which will see more than €5 million worth of prize money guaranteed to be won over the next six weeks!

“Usually, every EuroMillions draw in Ireland produces ten winners of the €5,000 raffle prize but over the next 12 draws we have created something extra special in the run up to Christmas. These players will have an additional €45,000 added to their prize!

“Not only will the special promotion see 120 players in Ireland win €50,000 over the six weeks, but all EuroMillions players in Ireland will also be in with a chance of becoming Ireland’s second EuroMillions jackpot winner of 2022.”

To win one of the €50,000 raffle prizes, you need the raffle code on your ticket to match one of the 10 codes  selected as winners for the draw you have played. You need to match every letter and number in your code exactly - there are no prizes for a partial match.

Only the codes that have been generated for the draw will be entered into the raffle, so all the prizes are guaranteed to be won. The odds of winning depend on how many tickets are sold, but are significantly better than the chances of winning one of the top couple of prizes in the main draw. 

With 10 winning codes selected, there are also 10 chances in each draw. It’s also possible to win a raffle prize and a EuroMillions prize in the same draw.

You can find out what has happened in the latest main draw and the Ireland Only Raffle by going to the EuroMillions Results page.

Written by , 14th November 2022