Ireland Only Raffle To Create Millionaire on Friday 3rd August

Ireland Only Raffle To Create Millionaire on Friday 3rd August

The Ireland Only Raffle is to create a millionaire for the third month in a row after it was announced that a special edition of the game will be held on Friday 3rd August.

Special Ireland Only Raffle Draws

The Ireland Only Raffle takes place every Tuesday and Friday alongside the main EuroMillions draw. The cost of playing is included when you buy a EuroMillions ticket, and you are entered automatically.

A unique code, consisting of four random letters and five numbers, will be generated for each line of EuroMillions numbers you play. Ten winning codes are then selected at random and, in regular draws, each player with a matching ticket will receive €5,000.

When there is a special Ireland Only Raffle, the ten winners are entered into a separate draw and one is chosen to receive an additional €1 million. There has been a burst of special draws this summer, and the one on 3rd August will be the fourth of 2018.

Big Winners in 2018

The first of the year took place on Friday 16th March to mark St Patrick’s Day. The Dublin pensioner who won €1,005,000 revealed that he planned to buy a home in the Caribbean so he could escape the Irish winters and spend six months of the year abroad.

A syndicate of work colleagues from Waterford won the top prize on Friday 1st June, after buying their ticket at Tramore Service Station. They looked at the results while having a sandwich on the way to work and admitted they sat in the car for an hour just checking and double checking their ticket.

Another work syndicate, this time from Galway, scooped €1,005,000 in the most recent special draw on Friday 6th July. The group members planned to splash out on holidays and new cars, but they kept the news a secret from the rest of their colleagues and said they had been ‘whispering like school children’ to ensure nobody found out.

Huge EuroMillions Jackpot

You can win an Ireland Only Raffle prize without winning on the main EuroMillions game, or vice versa, and you don’t have to wait until Friday 3rd August for the chance to land a huge sum of money. The EuroMillions jackpot is up to €45 million ahead of this Friday’s game. Good luck!

27th July 2018

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