Irish EuroMillions Fans Gripped By Superdraw Fever

Irish EuroMillions Fans Gripped By Superdraw Fever

EuroMillions fans across Ireland are being struck down as a severe case of Superdraw fever sweeps the nation ahead of this Friday’s draw. Symptoms include increased levels of excitement and dreams of winning a colossal €130 million jackpot. So is there a cure for this condition?

It isn’t just EuroMillions ticket holders across the Emerald Isle who have been experiencing Superdraw fever, with reported outbreaks in Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. The first signs of this widespread pandemic occurred in August when it was first announced that a Superdraw would be taking place. Ever since, players have been eager to take part in the special event which could land them one of the biggest prizes in EuroMillions history.

However, this isn’t the first time reports of Superdraw fever have been noted. The first case of its kind was witnessed in early 2007, when EuroMillions officials announced that a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million would be up for grabs in the draw on Friday 9th February. Since that time, there have been a further 17 Superdraws, with this latest event marking the 19th time players of the pan-European lottery game have been stricken with such fascinating feelings of ecstasy.        

Of course, these symptoms aren’t guaranteed to pass by Friday. Should the €130 million jackpot fail to be won, the top prize will increase in size ahead of Tuesday’s draw. Should this happen, expect to see an increase in ticket sales as lottery lovers across the continent aim to control the rapid spread. 

If you have been affected by Superdraw fever and you are looking for a cure, simply select your numbers online or pick up a ticket from an authorised retailer across Ireland and cross your fingers ahead of Friday’s draw. Should you fail to follow these simple steps, you could be left with feelings of deflation if the jackpot is won. Good luck!  

13th September 2017