Irish EuroMillions Winners Will “Return to Normal, Everyday Life”

Irish EuroMillions Winners Will “Return to Normal, Everyday Life”

Ireland’s latest EuroMillions winners picked up their €88.5 million cheque this week from the Dublin office of the Irish National Lottery. A spokesperson for the group, who hit the big one on Tuesday 24th January, said the syndicate members were looking forward to a small celebration before settling back into their normal lives.

“We are absolutely delighted,” exclaimed the spokesperson, “we all have bills to pay with mortgages, loans and whatnot so we are looking forward to the financial freedom that comes with a win of this magnitude.” The players have chosen to remain anonymous after becoming the tenth Irish EuroMillions winners since the game began.

“We will be having a quiet party with family and friends to celebrate our good fortune,” they continued, “we will not be getting carried away with our win and we will return to normal, everyday life as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to enjoying the win with our families and we might indulge by booking our sun holidays in the next couple of days.”

The spokesperson recounted how they had discovered the win on the night of the draw, checking their ticket immediately after hearing that the winner was from Ireland. They admitted they were left speechless when they realised the syndicate’s good fortune.  

Initially, rumours spread that the winners were a group from Cork, but after it was announced that the lucky ticket was bought at a service station off the M1 in Dublin, the successful group came forward. However, they had to wait until the other participating countries had transferred the jackpot funds to Ireland before collecting their cash.

The game returns tonight and you can play EuroMillions online through the Tickets page. Physical tickets are also on sale and available from authorised retailers across the country.

10th February 2017