Irish Lottery €3.5 Million Jackpot Won by Single Ticket

Irish Lottery €3.5 Million Jackpot Won by Single Ticket

There was a rollover jackpot on offer to win in the Irish Lottery on Saturday night as players in the last three draws have failed to match the six numbers drawn to become top prize winners. However, that changed on Saturday night as the Irish Lottery jackpot that was worth €3.5 million was won by a single ticket holder. Little is known about this latest jackpot winner other than the ticket was purchased in the North East, so whether it was by a single player or as part of a syndicate remains unknown.

The Irish Lottery results from Saturday’s draw were 18, 22, 23, 26, 32, 42 and the Bonus Ball was 35. Although the jackpot was won there were no match five plus Bonus Ball winners so the next winning prize tier was the match five tier in which 28 players each won €2,447. The winners didn’t stop there though because 79 players matched four numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win €218 and then over 32,000 players matched three numbers to win €5. To view more information from Saturday's draw please visit the Irish Lottery results page. 

Saturday’s Irish Lottery draw was in fact the final draw for this lottery for April 2013 and after this latest jackpot win it means that the top prize in this lottery was won a total of three times this month. This brings the total jackpot winnings to an impressive €11.3 million for this month.

This Wednesday Irish Lottery draw will in fact be the first for May 2013, so it will be interesting to see whether the jackpot, which is estimated at €2 million, will be won or if it will start to rollover.

29th April 2013