Irish Lottery Jackpot Reaches €8 Million

Irish Lottery Jackpot Reaches €8 Million

It has been quite a while since we saw the Irish Lottery jackpot reach the heady heights of €8 million but that is exactly the estimated prize pool for the draw on Saturday 17th March 2012. The last time the Irish Lottery jackpot was estimated at this amount was on 7th September 2011 but the following draw only actually produced a jackpot amount of €7,738,194. This was not won and continued to roll until the 24th September 2011 when the McIntrye family from Belmullet won €11,033,593.

With such an impressive jackpot on offer from the Irish Lottery there is bound to be a lot of interest and increased ticket sales. The reason for the increase in the new estimated jackpot is that the operators of the Irish Lotto game have added €1 million to the prize pool to celebrate St Patrick’s day which falls on the same day as the draw. Let’s hope the luck of the Irish is with you!

All players will be hoping that their six numbers are those drawn in the Irish Lottery results this Saturday but which numbers are most commonly drawn, which are most overdue and which are those that are least often picked? Looking at these statistic may help you pick six winning numbers for the octuple rollover jackpot.

Most Common Drawn numbers in the Irish Lottery Results

Number 3 38 2 13 12 39
Drawn 91 91 88 88 88 86
Date last drawn
14th Mar 2012 18th Feb 2012 7th Mar 2012 3rd Mar 2012 3rd Mar 2012 14th Mar 2012

Most Overdue Numbers in the Irish Lottery Results

Number 17 24 37 42 9 27
Drawn 99 82 50 47 40 40
Date last drawn
7th Dec 2011 24th Dec 2011 25th Jan 2012 28th Jan 2012 4th Feb 2012 4th Feb 2012

Least Often Drawn Numbers in the Irish Lottery Results

Number 43 14 16 25 33 34
Drawn 52 56 59 59 62 65
Date last drawn
18th Feb 2012 10th Mar 2012 10th Mar 2012 3rd Mar 2012 22nd Feb 2012 7th Mar 2012

You may find that using a combination of numbers from the three categories shown above for the Irish Lottery could help you pick the winning numbers for the Irish Lotto €8 million estimated jackpot this Saturday, but of course, we don’t guaranteed that this will make you a winner.


15th March 2012