Irish Lottery Jackpot Continues to Roll

Irish Lottery Jackpot Continues to Roll

Last night’s Irish Lottery results saw the big jackpot remain elusive to players once again with not a single ticket holding the six main numbers required to take home a jackpot of €8,631,551. This means that the Irish Lottery jackpot continues to roll and is now estimated at a whopping €9.5 million for Saturday’s draw. There have now been ten rollovers for the Irish Lottery and the jackpot is fast approaching the amount won by the McIntyre family back in September 2011.

Whilst the Irish Lottery jackpot remained elusive there were three winners who managed to match five main balls and the bonus for a €25,000 prize. In total there were over 59,000 winners of which 52,455 matched just three main balls to take the lowest prize available of €5.

The numbers drawn in last night’s Irish Lottery results were (6) (9) (11) (12) (21) (29) with Bonus Ball (32). From the Irish Lottery results last night we saw just one number from the three main statistical categories make an appearance and that was the number 12; the third most common drawn Irish Lottery number. This number has now been drawn 89 times in the Irish Lottery.

The Lotto Plus 1 results didn’t reveal a jackpot winner of the top prize of €350,000 with the numbers (3) (7) (12) (22) (36) (45) and the Bonus Ball (11) but for the Lotto Plus 2 the numbers (8) (17) (20) (22) (29) (42) with Bonus Ball (36) saw one ticket holder from Dublin scoop the top prize of €250,000.



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