Irish Lottery Jackpot Continues to Rollover

Irish Lottery Jackpot Continues to Rollover

The end of this month is in sight and so far for April 2013 the Irish Lottery jackpot has been won twice, so last night players in this lottery were crossing their fingers and hoping to become the third top prize winners for April 2013. But, the results from this mid-week draw show that wasn’t the case as there were no top prize winners so the Irish Lottery jackpot remains elusive and continues to rollover.

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The Irish Lottery results from last night’s draw if you haven’t seen them already are 2, 9, 10, 18, 23, 35 and the Bonus Ball was 7. To add to there being no jackpot winners there were also no match five plus Bonus Ball winners which means that the first winning prize tier last night was the match five tier in which 48 players each won €1,025. Visit the Irish Lottery results page for a full prize breakdown of these mid-week results.

There is now just one Irish Lottery draw left for this month in which the jackpot on offer to win is estimated at €3.5 million. The top prize has been won twice this month, once on the 6th April by a ticket purchased in the North West, which won just over €5.1 million, and then it was won again on the 13th April when two tickets from the West and the Midlands split the €2.5 million jackpot. Therefore it will be interesting to see whether any players can make it three Irish Lottery jackpot wins for this month or if the jackpot will rollover for fourth time on Saturday night.

25th April 2013