Irish Lottery Jackpot Estimated at €2.5 Million

Irish Lottery Jackpot Estimated at €2.5 Million

Tomorrow night the second draw of the week will take place for the Irish Lottery and there is a jackpot estimated at €2.5 million available to win. This top prize rolled over from Wednesday night’s draw when no ticket holders managed to match the Irish Lottery results. Last Saturday night one winning ticket, which was sold in the Mid West, took home just over €4 million by correctly matching all six of the main drawn numbers, therefore the question is will any players match this winners luck and take home the jackpot in tomorrow night’s draw?

As this is only the second draw of the year for the Irish Lottery it will be interesting to see how many jackpot winners are produced by this lottery game this month. Last year in January there were just two ticket holders that managed to win the top prize, both on the same night. This win took place on the 22nd January 2011 and the two winners split the jackpot that came out at just over €7 million.

The Irish Lottery has been available to play for over 20 years now, however in that time has had some changes to its game play. One of these was on the 4th November 2006 when the game became a 6/45 lottery system. Since then a number of statistics have developed around which numbers are drawn out in the Irish Lottery more often than other numbers.

Some of the more popular numbers to make it into the Irish Lottery results include 38, 3, 39, 2, 32 and 12. All of these numbers have been drawn over 80 times each. However, there are also some numbers that don’t get selected very often, and these are 43, 25, 14, 16, 33 and 34.

It is worth a note that even if you don’t quite match all of the numbers drawn tomorrow night, then the Irish Lottery has a total of six other prizes available to win.

6th January 2012