Irish Lottery Jackpot Estimated at €7.5 million

Irish Lottery Jackpot Estimated at €7.5 million

The Irish Lottery jackpot has reached an estimated €7.5 million after having rolled over for the last eight draws. The jackpot was last won on 15th December 2012 exactly one month ago, which means there has been no jackpot winner to scoop the top prize yet in 2013. Could the midweek draw see a change of luck amongst the Irish? Or will it roll over again?

The lotto did take its first steps towards breaking its unlucky streak on Saturday, as it saw the first winner of the second tier Match 5 and the Bonus Ball for 2013. The winner of this prize tier wins a guaranteed €25,000. The start of January seemed to be unlucky for both top prizes with no player able to win on either top tier, which was a complete turnaround to December, when all but two draws saw at least one €25,000 Match 5 and Bonus ball winner.

However, with this losing streak now potentially broken, could it be possible that there will be a jackpot winner on Wednesday? If you need a little helping hand choosing your numbers, it may be useful to look at the Irish Lottery number statistics. They show the most common numbers are 12 and 2, both appearing in Irish Lotto draws 103 times to date, followed quickly by 38 (making 102 appearances) and 3 (which has made 101 appearances). The numbers which occur the least are 43, which has been drawn just 63 times, followed by 14, which has been picked 66 times. The most commonly occurring pair of numbers are 1 and 15 followed by 12 and 45, as both pairs have been drawn together 20 times.

So, if you want to be in with a chance of scooping that €7.5 million jackpot and being the first jackpot winner in 2013, don’t forget to buy your lottery tickets in plenty of time for the draw on Wednesday 16th January 2013 and let’s hope your lucky numbers come up – whichever ones you pick!

15th January 2013